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Disney University - Aurora

I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Aurora is a design student who loves fashion and sleep (XD)
One of her best friends is Charlotte La Bouff and she usually try all Aurora's costumes.
When she was young her family forced her dress like a smart and sweet princess but actually, she prefer something more urban and sassy. Say goodbye to pink and blue XD

Hope you like it!
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omg i LOVE the idea of aurora being a designer fashion thingy! YESSS OMG
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I think Cinderella would be more suited for a design student. Cinderella had dress design books up in the attic. Aurora is more of a performing arts student, she loves dance and singing. She could be a ballerina. Love the outfit though.
Lordi-Mix's avatar
Oh, she looks badass. 
Love the necklace too. 
lovedeanwinchester's avatar
I love her outfit! 
TortillaDelPeligro's avatar
Very attractive!  I wholly approve. ;}

Ravenroseserpent's avatar
Love Aurora she my favourite classic Princess well as Phillip been my favourite classic Prince. love her style and the rose thorns
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sassy. I have something like that, but I only wear it when my parents aren't here.
springtrapgold's avatar
Her outfit is adorable and so sassy
deviishangels304179's avatar
she is wearing a corset i think
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I love this outfit I WANTS IN REAL LIFE!! it's so good 
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great representation! :happybounce: 
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That bodice looks fantastic with this modern outfit! Fantastic job!
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temus's avatar
something that i see, is that much of the disney characters use tatoos, why is it?
Vanimic's avatar
because tattoo are cool xD
LukeAlanBundesen's avatar
With that logic, you can't go wrong.
AzalieFinrandi's avatar
Yes! She's my favorite princess. I love the outfit you give her and all the little details - the tattoo and THAT necklace are *brilliant*. Terrific job!
Have you seen tumblr's "mean Princesses"? it usually shows Aurora bashing other Disney princesses through the internet.

example 01

example 02
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While I like the design, I kind of disagree with her being a fashion designer, especially with the attitude you gave her. I see going into another field of Fine Arts like voice or, just to be ironic, textiles. 
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Omg, one of her best friends is Charlotte La Bouff? I hope that means you'll be drawing her eventually!
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O.o    Very sexy...  XP
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