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Disney University - Arthur

By Hyung86
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I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Arthur is a member of the fencing team despite being thin and wimpy. Phoebus is one of his best friends and from who has learned most of his moves.
He is loyal to his friends and he's always willing to learn new things being his favorite class History, (with Professor Merlin)

Hope you like it!
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I've been looking at comments saying that Arthur looks like Christopher Robin. This made me wonder are you going to do a picture with him?

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Is it weird that I imagine him having a crush on Taran? 
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yo, its Christopher Robin's twin brother!
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Dammit, I can't get how much he looks like Michael Cera
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35 years he will be a great prime mister
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Arthur has a rivalry with Christopher Robin
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Because he looks so much like him
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LOL Yeah. Is Christopher on the fencing team too?
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I have no idea
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The Many Adventures of Merlin-the-Pooh and Christopher Pendragon
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Just a little thing I've noticed, you really need to make the kid characters' faces look older. The way it is now, it looks like a kid with adult proportions, which is really weird.
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Alternate bio:
Arthur's dream was to play for DU's football team like his adoptive brother, Kay.  He knew he wasn't built for it, but he still did his best, devoting all of his spare time to studying the playbook and running drills.  It wasn't enough to impress Coach Gaston during tryouts, though, and he was made a water boy.  Arthur was crushed... Until he took a history class from Professor Merlin in his second semester.  The subject sparked his interest, especially the medieval times.  When Merlin saw this, he encouraged Arthur to pursue it, which culminated in Arthur picking up swordplay and joining the fencing team.  He is currently captain of the team and is running for student office.  Word is Elsa has taken a liking to him, but he's pretty fond of Penny.
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At first I thought that was Christopher Robin XD
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It would be really nice a gay or lesbian character! Your job is amazing, congratulations
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I guess he likes to read T.H. White's "The Once and Future King"....
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he is super cute like stitch.
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One of my favourite. He's sooo cute!
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*sniffles* I grew up with all these guys, and seeing them all modern and "grown up" brings back so many great memories. 

Disney, no matter what direction you might be going in now, these guys, their stories—your movies— will always be in my heart. 
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OMG more forgotten disney royalty ^__^
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OK so it's Uni King Arthur.. but shouldn't he look a bit ... older?
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Baby face? :3
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I dunno, I mean he would still have an adams apple by this point.  XD
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