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Simple53 is a Rainmeter skin I've made. It just an application launcher (shortcut) for your desktop. Not much I can explain, but try it :)
To edit your shortcut, just open this installed skin directory and open "" file, then edit these settings. Remember to refresh current skin.

This skin uses "Fade.lua" & "Transition.lua", made by Kaelri.
Icon "Metro Uinvert Icon Set", by dAKirby309.

If you like this deviations, add this to your favorites :D (Big Grin)
Many thanks for your feedback :) (Smile) 
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hello may i ask how to make the icons(bar) transition to the side quicker? thanks

could you help me to make note / command for office package (word, excel, ppt, outlook)?

This is awesome, thank you. I tried adding a bunch more (14) total and have run into one problem I can't figure out. The hover over to expand option seems to only apply to the first 5 tiles that came with the download. Is there a setting I need to change in order to get that action to work on the additional ones that I added?
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Holy moly, i was thinking of making this EXACT type of launcher skin.. lol
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Is there  a way to invert the Square icon dock so it goes right to left?
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great work,but for some reason wont d/l for me?
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Is there a way to make the bar disappear faster?
Good Work! and a question if I would like to make it to open right to left instead left to right...? any guide?
Quick Question, I found out how to add another shortcut to make six total, but when I try to make seven, it seems to glitch out and not allow the seventh one to work properly.
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What kind of glitch? I've test to make 7th shortcuts and all were work correctly. Send me your configured skin, then I could help you to make it work correctly. Thanks :)
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Hey man, im using this dock for a bit and i would like to change the background solid colors for the icons.
I alredy edited the png ones but cant figure out how to change the color under.
What i need to change on the ini?
Thanks for the help :)
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background color. for the square skin right?
if so, open '' file that located in 'yourskindir\Simple53\Square'.
and then, take a look on 'BgColor...' key.
change that value. You can use hex or rgb color code.
you're welcome and thanks for using this skin :)
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Amazing job, ill be sure to use it soon!
What are the next updates you're going to add to this work?
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uh thank you so much... :) (Smile) 
I'm not sure. But I still working on the skin which more or less like my A2D, with new touch.
And.. this skin came from that unfinished skin actually Sweating a little...

Go here if you want to see the preview.
What do you think about it? Nod
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The preview looks really cool.
Hope to see other works from you soon :)
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thank you Vans..
I hope so :)
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Looks cool, nice! :) By the way, you are using my Metro UI icons, not Uinvert :)
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ah no, its your Uinvert.. maybe its looks like your Metro UI, but its Uinvert Nod 
that square background is pure made by rainmeter config, colorize from your icon, then I tint your icon to white :) (Smile) 
by the way thanks for your icon, and I'm appologize if I've made a mistake Sweating a little... 
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Ahh, alright. Makes sense, thanks for clearing it up :) 
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you're welcome :)
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