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Mega/Primal Palkia

My entry for this contest ^^…
Type: Dragon/Water
Ability: Space Dominion*
Height: 5.6m
Weight: 978kg
Hp: 90-> 90 (-)
At: 120-> 130 (+10)
Df: 100-> 100 (-)
Sp.A: 150-> 200 (+50)
Sp.D: 120-> 135 (+15)
Spe: 100-> 115 (+15)
Tot: 680-> 770 (+90)
New exclusive move: Alteration*
When Palkia mega/primal evolves, it focuses almost the entire power in the black pearl levitating above it. This amazing stone has an unbelievable density, and somebody believes that it can hold the entire cosmos.
*Space Dominion: Mega/Primal Palkia has the 20% chance to avoid the opposite move.
*Alteration: Type: Dragon, catergory: status, Power:- ,PP: 5, -100%, Priority: +3. 
Protects the user from all effects of moves that target it during the turn it is used, including damage. If M/P Palkia is attacked during the same turn, Sp.A and Spe. stats double.
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Warning! There is someone named Frankilpud here who takes fakemon from you and other people just to beg a guy to draw them.

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I love this! I am going to message you! Please respond. :)

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Good way of making palkia not look like a dick XD

But really, This looks AWESOME.
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What time does family mart and block buster open? 
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Man, if that's Palkia mega or primal evolution, then it looks so COOL!!
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i wanna favorite this but i don't know how to
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DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks gooooooooooood.
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Amazing the pearl looks like a ninja star 
EtoileCyber2's avatar
Uhm, you mean shuriken?
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Being a large fan of Palkia, I really like the look of this Mega Palkia concept. The "black pearl" floating above it greatly resembles a UFO, which is an interesting concept, and the idea that Palkia "focuses almost the entire power" in it is cool as well. The wings are a nice addition, and I appreciate that it doesn't really look overdesigned - there are plenty of Mega Evolutions, some canon and some fake, that overdo it to the point to where it just looks messy.

Your Mega Arceus is my favorite out of all the Mega Evolutions I've seen from you as of yet, but I really like this one. 
avideogameplayer's avatar
are legendary pokemon aliens that visited the pokemon world in the ancient past? ancient aliens theme plays 
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he mega voled he cool an awesom
Palkachu's avatar
Possibly though Lustrous Orb/Palkite/New item.
MidnightisLove's avatar
I rember this....:sad: Really Sad 
This is what the god of space should have looked like!
KenshinSegarra's avatar
This is plain epic. I assume the thing floating him looks like a teleportation device.
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I really like the design of your Mega/Primal Palkia. Normally when I see Fakemon I always get the inspiration to make my own stat spread for it, so if you don't mind me...

Hp: 90 -> 90 (-)
At: 120 -> 130 (+10)
Df: 100 -> 110 (+10)
Sp.A: 150-> 200 (+50)
Sp.D: 120-> 140 (+20)
Spe: 100-> 110 (+10)
Tot: 680 -> 780 (+100)

Primal/Mega Pokemon always get a 100 BST boost (except Mega Alakazam)

But back to the design, I really like it. I never was a fan of Palkia's design, but I really like what you did with him. The object floating above him looks like something you could find in space. I also like what you did with Palkia's wins and face plates.
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You are everywhere
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Loving that floating thing above Palkia. It's not as over designed as the others and looks pretty awesome. :)
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Awesome job on this. 
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