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Mega Claydol

Type: Ground/Psychic
The power of its radiations greatly increases. Most pokemon can not be near its due to these.
Special statics will greatly increase.
Height: !.60m
Weight: 108kg
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Hey, just wanted to let you know that I did a slight modification of this image for a Reddit commentary-esque post on how disposable concepts like Mega Evolution and Gigantamax can be; I literally turned this image into Gigantamax Claydol because it was THAT easy to do.

The post can be found here:

Hopefully the mods don't snipe it because they can be sticklers for visual commentary

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May I use this fan art for a post on Video Games Amino? It's called "Top 10 Ground Types That Deserve a Mega Evolution". On the post, I'll give you credit and a link to your design.
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For some reason, it reminds Me of Orichalcos Shuneros
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Shunerous was based on the same type of Japanese sculpture combined with Tibetan and Balinese design. The addition of those same design elements here has created a similar effect.
WaffleMaker9000's avatar
Damn, this would be a bitch in competitive. 
Collin-Tfs's avatar
that would be awesome
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So now it can make its hands shoot off?
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Look out the King of stone has arrived and he looks awsome

i mean the pokemon not me
Your Mega Claydol is great! It has sort of a "queen" look to it.
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Fancy pants~
hi your art is amazing can i please use this in my video i will put your credit
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I never used to like Claydol, until I started using it as a stealth-spinner and experienced it to be easier to switch into things than I at first expected and is surprisingly longer lasting than other things. Maybe I've battled some inexperienced ppl...
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._. It says psychic not fairy.
KVJudge's avatar
I intended it as a suggestion. I didn't make that very clear though.
megaupsilon's avatar
yeah, I know. I was just sayin'
KVJudge's avatar
Eh? I'm a bit confused now haha.
megaupsilon's avatar
haha..nevermind ^^;
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This is real nice I love it! :D
Cerulebell's avatar
this is perfect :)
BlazeMizu's avatar
It would be a super mega pokemon!
dittoblast64's avatar
god, these need to be real
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