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This group is child-friendly one. Any art that comes our way that dose not show any sexual, fetishes or similiar content will be accepted. Chat among yourselves, make OC's, post your work, RP (pg-13 please.), make Fanfic's, give tips about Zelda-Games, and have fun.
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Oct 18, 2014


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Fan Club

219 Members
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The Themes of the Group. Enjoy!

Theme of the main 3…

~ | Dragon Knight, Volga | ~

~ | The Dark Sorceress, Cia | ~

~ | Twisted Wizard, Wizzro | ~

~ | The Hero, Link | ~

~ | Hyrulean General, Impa | ~

~ | Sheikah Warrior, Sheik | ~

~ | The White Sorceress, Lana | ~

~ | Princess of Hyrule, Zelda | ~

~ | The Demon King, Ganondorf | ~

~ | Goron Chieftain, Darunia | ~

~ | Zora Princess, Ruto | ~

~ | Insect Princess...?, Agitha | ~

~ | Twilight Princess, Midna | ~

~ | Usurper King, Zant | ~

~ | The Goddess Sword, Fi | ~

~ | The Demon Lord, Ghirahim | ~

~ | Ruler of Twilight, Twili Midna | ~

~ | Masked Youngster, Young Link | ~

~ | The Reincarnated Fairy...?, Tingle | ~

~ | Pirate Leader, Tetra | ~

~ | King of the Ancient Country, King Daphnes | ~

~ | Hero of Winds, Toon Link | ~

~ | The Hero(?), Linkle | ~

~ | Majora's Puppet, Skull Kid | ~

All of the themes for each character originated from their respective gameplay trailers posted by Nintendo/KOEITecmoOfficial and were added to the group page by Ty { Demonic-Sword-Spirit }. Enjoy!

With all the members, we can say we are a kingdom and growing. This song may not be from Hyrule Warriors, but it is from where this great game came from- and that is Dynasty Warriors. Enjoy the victory music, my friends!…


Squid Heroes by zeldaxfanatic Squid Heroes :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 6 3 [PMW] Mentally unstable by TheDirakia [PMW] Mentally unstable :iconthedirakia:TheDirakia 7 3 [Hyrule Warriors] Cia by KishinRinku [Hyrule Warriors] Cia :iconkishinrinku:KishinRinku 73 5 Crossworld Soul Render - Cia by Eggheadcobra Crossworld Soul Render - Cia :iconeggheadcobra:Eggheadcobra 47 1 Cia Purple Background by Volga-H Cia Purple Background :iconvolga-h:Volga-H 71 0 Cia (8) by AdeptusInfinitus Cia (8) :iconadeptusinfinitus:AdeptusInfinitus 35 1 Cia (7) by AdeptusInfinitus Cia (7) :iconadeptusinfinitus:AdeptusInfinitus 68 3 A Surprise Encounter 2 by Ignitious A Surprise Encounter 2 :iconignitious:Ignitious 54 1 Cia (6) by AdeptusInfinitus Cia (6) :iconadeptusinfinitus:AdeptusInfinitus 49 1 Impa and Cia by AdeptusInfinitus Impa and Cia :iconadeptusinfinitus:AdeptusInfinitus 21 0 LunaSol and SolarDusk by TwistedWizzro343 LunaSol and SolarDusk :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 1 0 Midna Wallpaper ~ [F2U] by Hamelin-Wallpapers Midna Wallpaper ~ [F2U] :iconhamelin-wallpapers:Hamelin-Wallpapers 22 3 Birth of a Gerudo King by kichisu Birth of a Gerudo King :iconkichisu:kichisu 1,211 80 Twilight Princess in Hyrule Warriors style by NekoBlue63 Twilight Princess in Hyrule Warriors style :iconnekoblue63:NekoBlue63 23 4
this is all the good works that show pride.

Gallery Folders

Linkle Lonkle~ by RS-V22
guardians of time by pastellene
Cia by Hobo-Sensei
cia post game GoT render by pastellene
screen shots
castle town stroll by pastellene
you've got to be kidding by pastellene
Hyrule Warriors/Sfm] Lana by BrennanXD
evening run by pastellene
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cia x hylia stamp [legend of zelda] by pastellene
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Happy Halloween 4 by alienskiller1
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Squid Heroes  by zeldaxfanatic
Hair test by Fczombie
beauty queen by pastellene
cinnamon witch by pastellene
F: .:Dark Sorcerer:. by Shiiyou
PROGRESS: Lana's Kokiri Spear by LayzeMichelle
PROGRESS:  Lana's boots by LayzeMichelle
Princess Agitha from Twilight Princess~ by LayzeMichelle
Welcome to my castl.... Wait, what are you hiding? by LayzeMichelle
Photo shop use
Young Link Fierce Deity Form by TwistedWizzro343
Midna (twi beast Form) by TwistedWizzro343
Twili Midna by TwistedWizzro343
Agitha by TwistedWizzro343
fan fiction
Too much talking-Part 6 by RainbowPhilosopher
The twilight of the desert-Part 5 by RainbowPhilosopher
Knight by TwistedWizzro343
mature content
Warrior Princess Zelda. (Redesigned) by dcb2art
After what feels like ages, I have returned along with T-E-R-M-I-N-A from a unannounced and unexpected 6 month hiatus. And goddesses, has stuff happened in my absence.

I'm not gonna make this post extremely long, as many of you are probably aware of this. The final DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors Legends, A Link Between Worlds will be unleashed upon the world on October 31st, 2016. Entering the battle with a variety of artsy destruction is Yuga, the sinister and flamboyant antagonist of the game. Hailing from Lorule, Yuga can attack his foes with his magic paintbrush-staff, as well as the painting frames he uses to trap characters in from the original game. Armed with the power to create lightning strikes from portraits, freeze enemies before slamming them into a portrait, and even conjouring up the King of Evil Trident through a giant portal, Yuga can effortlessly brush his enemies aside and bring true chaos to the battlefield Lorulean style.

Stumbling into the fray next is the cowardly yet very amusing Ravio, a very important character in A Link Between Worlds. In short, he's an item salesman, lending Link tools and allowing him to buy them at somewhat ridiculous prices. Armed with a load of different tools, ranging from the Nice Bombs, Nice Ice Rod and Nice Bow, Ravio is by far one of the most devastating characters, given how armed he is.

Alongside Yuga and Ravio, the Lorule Map will be unlocked as well, allowing players to traverse the land of Hyrule, and slip through fissures on certain map squares and end up on Lorule squares. New item cards appear, along with a new map mechanic - Nice Power, which enhances different effects in battle. Following the usual formula of Hyrule Warriors DLC, more new costumes are available- such as an Oren recolor for Ruto, a recolor for Twili Midna based off the fissures, a Seres recolor for Agitha and more. Assume Ghirahim will get a Yuga recolor and Ganondorf will have a recolor based off his look in A Link Between Worlds.

I am also working on a massive list for those of you who seek out all the costumes you can unlock on both the Wii U and Legends- so stay tuned! It will tell which costumes each warrior has, as well as what they are based off of (ex. Ghirahim's Koholint Outfit = Prince Richard, Cia's Boss Outfit = Manhandla, etc).

That's all I have for now! See ya guys!

Ty has left the battlefield!
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While I'm not any of the lovely mods or admins (thank you for making this fantastic group btw :D) , I do want to bring up while that I do appreciate the countless "collage" type art from the particular artist that I feel that it takes away from those who put effort into their edits/drawings/etc.

While they do draw, I feel that it is easy to copy and paste transparent character images on a background and make it art. Personally, I feel that takes away seeing how there is no actual editing effort (as harsh as it sounds) as the artist isn't trying to blend the images with the background as instead, they are copying and pasting.

I don't know, that's just me (since the particular deviant is being mentioned, I decided to give my thoughts here) since I feel that while some lazy photoshop edits are fine, I feel that at least there should be effort when submitting these things rather than copping out for a easy image which in reality, anyone can save a wallpaper image, transparent character images and put them together in less than five minutes, even with MS Paint.
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