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Echoes of the Past: PortFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom. with the Fan-fiction based around my personal play-through of the series, and how I’ve pieced together the series from the few games I’ve played. ^-^ I've not completed all of TotK shines yet either. Here is Part One, Part Two, Part Three, & Part Four,EEchoes of the Past Part one *spoilers for TotKFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past: Master Sword Following in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past: Cremia Milk Following in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past: CarpFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesPart Five, Port “Welcome to Terry Port!” Stewartson was surprisingly energetic that evening, Zelda smiled, as both her and Link approached the construct. “Hello, Stewartson.” Catching the construct’s attention. She continued, “Has Mr. Ting arrived yet?” “I’m afraid not quite yet, Princess Zelda. Sir Hudson however is currently preparing the repairs on his ship as we speak. I would recommend talking with him as we will know more of Mr. Ting’s locations…” With a ding, the construct turned his head towards the Port’s loading site. A boat sat raised above the water, with workers currently repairing the siding. With damage that looked to be from a large Octorok attack. “By my calculations, the repairs shall only take an hour to complete. Please head for the Port Inn to rest until then.” “Alright, please let Mr. Ting know where to find us upon his arrival. Will you, Stewartson?” She smiled as she turned to Link. “Certainly Princess Zelda.” He guided the two towards the Inn, before turning back to the port entrance. Port Inn was run by Risa, as she met an ex-yiga foot-soldier and got married. With her husband now working at the port alongside the Hudson workers, the Yigas’ numbers slowly dwindled since the death of Master Kohga. Many still clung to their ways in hopes to bring destruction upon Hyrule, Zelda, and mostly Link. Upon their first meeting, Risa took bananas that led to them fighting. However, with her fighting ability catching his eye, the two ended up falling in love. Risa’s stomach was showing with Link and Zelda appearing at the Inn. “Princess Zelda, Sir Link, welcome!” A smile was beaming off her face, trying to stand up to greet them. However she was unable to due to her pregnancy. Zelda rushed over towards her, helping her stand upright. Link helped as well. “Risa, please don’t push yourself.” “I’m quite alright, Princess.” She smiled. “What brings you two here to Port Inn?” “We’ve come to wait for the repairs to Mr. Ting’s boat.” She smiled, as she helped Risa walk around the counter. Link’s hands were motioned around her to catch her in the event of falling. “Link…” Zelda whispered towards Link, hinting for him to calm himself. “Oh Ting.” Risa smiled, since leaving Gerudo town and living in Akkala, she has found her way of speaking being similar to that of her husband. “Yes, he made mention of heading back to Terma today. Are you by chance going with him?” “Only for a short trip, would you like us to bring you back something?” Zelda smiled, with Risa sitting down in the lounge chairs in the Inn lobby. “Hmm…according to my darling I shouldn’t think of it, but I would most enjoy a big barrel of Terma’s finest Cremia milk.” Zelda’s face shrugged momentarily by Risa’s request. “Cremia milk while you're pregnant isn’t the best idea, Risa…” “Ah, not you too!” Risa’s face puffed up in a pout. “Rhondson told me that after my baby is born, she’ll treat me to a drink of Cremia…” “See, I’m sure you don’t have much longer to go now, Risa.” Zelda placed her hand on Risa’s shoulder. “Besides, it will taste better once your body has recovered from your pregnancy.” “Are you sure?” Tears started to form on her face, with her emotions a whirlwind.Zelda continued to smile, while Link remembered the time Rhondson was pregnant with Mattison. Recalling the time Hudson asked Link, during the time Rhondson went into labor, if he would become Mattison’s guardian. To which he accepted, causing Link to go to Gerudo desert upon the shroud's appearance after the upheaval. With the aid of Riju, Chief of the Gerudo and Link’s closest friend besides Zelda. Link was able to clear the shroud, and allow Mattison to arrive at Gerudo town. Occasionally a letter arrives for Link from Mattison, telling him of her adventures so far. To which he shares with Hudson, causing the man to begin choking up. Patting her back gently, Link gave her a sense of comfort. “We’re sure, Risa.” Glancing at the basket that she sat down, Zelda walked over. Picking up the cake from within. “Link would it be alright?” Risa glanced at the cake, and with a nod from Link. Zelda turned to Risa. “Since we can’t get you any Cremia milk. Would you like a piece of fruit cake instead?”It didn’t take Risa long to nod her head. Link took the cake from Zelda and headed within the Inn’s kitchen. Upon returning with pieces of cake on two plates, Link handed one to Risa. Puzzled by the additional piece of cake, but before she could ask. He had taken the extra fork from his plate and offered a bite towards Zelda. Upon finishing the last bite of her cake, Risa’s mood lightens.”Sarqso, that was delicious.” “Excuse me…” Poking his head in, Stewartson was glancing at them. “Mr. Ting has arrived at the port, but he has requested that the two of you meet him by the loading site.” “Oh…” With Link’s arm for support, Risa stood up to watch the two collect their things. “Sarqso for sharing your cake, Princess. Please have safe travels to Terma.” “We will, Risa. Please be well until then, I promise to bring something for you and your little one to share!” Zelda smiled as she waved Risa off, with Link close behind her. Stewartson led them down the port, towards the loading site. A short man, taller than Kilton, wearing a green suit stood in front of the port. Recognizing him as they approached, it was Mr. Ting. Despite his height had a sharp tongue when it came to negotiations, which led him to have strong connections with other kingdoms besides Hyrule. With the construct walking up behind him as his focus was watching the repairs. Upon Stewartson speaking, “Mr. Ting.” Ting jumped high into the air. On accident he hollered, “Kooloo!” Turning around in a puff, “Can you not do that! You blasted relics!” “My deepest apologies, Mr. Ting.” Stewartson bowed, before moving to reveal Link and Zelda behind him. “As requested, I’ve brought both Princess Zelda and Sir Link. I do hope you have a pleasant trip, Princess.” With a bow, Stewartson left the loading site. “Why do I suddenly feel terrible?” Ting muttered as he watched the construct motioned back up the hill towards the Port Inn. Zelda sighed softly, turning her attention towards the boat. With his focus returning back to Zelda. “Why if it isn’t Princess Zelda, and Link!” Smacking his hand flatly against Link’s chest, with each smack feeling heavier with each swing. “Since you're both here means you're interested in visiting Terma after all!” “That’s only if we are able to get your boat in floating conditions first!” Yelled one of the Hudson workers that worked adding a new siding along the hull. Grunting as he mumbled words under his breath as he continued. “I mean what did you do to even cause such damage to a lovely boat?” “My deepest apologies, sir…?” Ting stepped away from Link and tipped toed over towards the worker. “I didn’t quite catch your name, kind sir.” “That’s because I didn’t give it to you, sir.” He slammed his hammer down, finishing the repairs work. Ting’s noise twitched slightly, but he kept himself. With Zelda standing close, he couldn’t afford to allow his temper to get the better of him. “Besides, I’m only doing these repairs on your poor boat for the Princess to have a decent break. I don’t need her ending up in a shipwreck cause your boat sank.” “I…I understand your concern, kind sir.” Ting calmed himself as he pulled up his tie. “Might I ask how long will the new sealant be set in place so we may ship off?” “Just be patient, the sealant only takes about thirty minutes to set, an hour at most. If I was you, I would be rushing over to Town and gathering any last minute supplies you might need.” He walked outside the Loading site, pulling out a box. One of the few items that comes into the port since construction, as a small island to the south of Martha's Landing being the supplier. Brought on through the trading between Lurelin Village. Not many merchants sell this item throughout Hyrule, due to Zelda’s distaste for the smell and her worry for the health of those that touch it. However the rare few that do, try to avoid engaging in this item around Zelda, out of respect for the Princess. Ting was still in a huff, as he tightened his tie before turning to the duo. “Well it would seem that our departure will be delayed for a tad bit longer. Since you two will be away for a while, maybe we should head to Town and get some supplies.”Link noticed him mumble to himself. Something along the lines of, “...I also might need to get it before I forget.” Zelda smiled, grabbing hold of Link’s hand. “Just until the boat is ready, let’s go and get some spare clothes?” “Mhm.” Nodding his head, he followed behind her as they headed towards thesouth Terry road. Part Five end.
Echoes of the Past: CarpFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom. with the Fan-fiction based around my personal play-through of the series, and how I’ve pieced together the series from the few games I’ve played. ^-^ I've not completed all of TotK shines yet either. Here is Part One, Part Two, Part Three,EEchoes of the Past Part one *spoilers for TotKFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past: Master Sword Following in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past Part Three Following in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesPart Four Carp. A cold breeze whistled off the shores in Akkala, with Terry Town reach spreading outwards. A large building was constructed around the chasm by the Hudson workers, with the man himself printed on a large sign close by. Warning workers to be careful when entering the chasm. Up on the hill, overlooking the town and the expanding streets with homes that started to spring up since the final battle. Link looked out his balcony, leaning back in his chair. Taking in the view, he could smell cooking from below. Since their battle, Zelda had found herself living in Link’s home by Terry Town. One built during his time after the upheaval, and the place he spent much time watching Zelda when she used to roam the skies. With a splash of water hitting him in the face, Link’s pet fish danced within the balcony pond. Link wiped the water from his face, before reaching downwards to place his hand in the water. With a few pecks from his Carp, Link’s memories during the upheaval weren’t as bitter as the time he awoke from his hundred year recovery. Besides his Carp, who greeted him home with a splash, but he had his close friend Hudson and Kilton along his journey. Standing upwards, Link glanced towards his wall of weapons. With Mipha’s trident reflecting in his face. Despite his home being able to face Zelda, Link was close to Mipha’s court. To which he visited many times during his travels to save Zelda from the evils that plagued Hyrule. With a painting of Yona and Sidon hung close to the trident, as did Link’s Zora armor. A smile crossed his face as he gently ran his hand against the armor. Imagining Mipha hard at work, mending the armor just for him. “Link, dinner is prepared!” Zelda hollered from the bottom of the stairway, with the smell of cheese hitting Link’s noise. He could recall that smell anywhere, as he turned towards the stairway. Pizza, made from Tabantha wheat, Hylian tomato, and Hateno Cheese was Link’s favorite meal when he was traveling, but Link preferred how Zelda made it as she sliced mushrooms on the top for extra flavor. However with her recipe soon learned by Cece of Hateno, her inside foodie came alive. With her opening the Hateno restaurant that was built close to a heart broken pond. “I’ve also prepared a fruit cake for dessert!” As he reached the bottom of his stairs, Link glanced over as he saw that Zelda had prepared not only a pizza and a fruit cake. Upon closer expectation, Link noticed that she also prepared his second favorite snack, cheese bread. Made from Tabantha wheat and Hateno Cheese. Link remembers preparing this dish by accident, but continued to make it since, upon Zelda return. He has found himself not eating it as much, as he ate what she cooked for him in their times together. Excitement covered Link’s face as he invited Zelda to come and eat with him. As he knew that once they begin their travels, his tastes will surely change with the new foods he was excited to discover. Zelda giggled by excitement as the two sat down and began their meal, with Zelda glancing out at Zelli and Petal. They were stretching their legs out in the fields of Link’s house. Upon taking a bite of the cheese bread, Zelda smiled in delight. “This is delicious!” “Mhmm!” Link responded in happiness, with a drop of cheese on his chin. Zelda smiled as she reached over, wiping away the cheese. Placing her finger in her mouth, with a giggle as Link watched her in a blush. “It's best not to let this go to waste!” With a blush still on his face, Link continued with his meal. Upon cleaning her plate, Zelda reached for a small knife. One gifted to her by Rhondson upon meeting, with her secretly wanting Zelda to be with Link. Using the knife to cut into the pizza, serving Link a healthy slice. With the smell of the mushrooms, Link began to track down the type that was used in preparation. Due to food obsession, that made a few of Link’s recipes sought after by skilled chefs. Mostly due him learning this recipes from building on the ones he learned from his travels across Hyrule. “Link, I’ve talked with Ting earlier today when he was visiting Hudson.” Zelda spoke as she placed her slice of pizza down, while Link had already taken a bite. He was guessing a silent shroom that grew below the hill, under his house. One with flowers planted by Rhondson upon Link’s purchasing of his home. “Hmm?” He muffled, while chewing up the pizza in his mouth. Zelda chuckled as she took a bite as well, giving the pizza a try. “Hmm!” She hummed in joy along with Link. Both hummed in joy of the pizza momentarily, before she continued. With swallowing her food first. “Well, Ting will be able to take us indeed with him to Terma, but…” “Hm?” Link took a sip of water, asking Zelda to continue. “It seems that getting into Terma and back won’t be an issue, but according to Ting. Well it looks like we might have to spend about a month until we are able to return to Hyrule again.” She took another bite, watching as Link continued to eat his. Contemplating all he will have to be sure to bring along with him. “Mhm?” He responded towards her as she finished her third bite. “If you still feel like going to Terma, then once we are finished. Ting had told me that we just needed to meet him at Terry Port.” Once stood old ruins, but with the extinguishing of the monsters that flooded them. Hudson Construction quickly demolished the ruins, with permission from Princess Zelda. Thus Terry Port was created, with the newly formed Knights run by Hoz. Guarded the port on regular patrols. Despite the monsters not appearing as they used to since the blood moon vanished upon the defeat of the ancient Ganondorf. However their strategic attacks and raids on travelers have improved. With words spreading amongst Depths Construction workers, Monster Villages were spotted forming down in the old mines. Causing many Construct Stewarts to abandon their positioning, with the aid of some of the workers trying to preserve the constructs. In honor of the previous Sage of Spirit and late friend of Princess Zelda. Some had to be reprogrammed by Robbie to get some to accept new tasks, with one being the Dock Manager. Taking inventory of merchant ships and visitors at the dock, with Hudson naming the construct Stewartson. Taking another bite, Link let out an approval grunt. “Mhmph.” Zelda smiled as they continued their meal, but as they finished their pizza. Both were too full to slice into the baked Fruit cake that sat on the table. Zelda, still wanting a piece, stared at the cake for a while, but as she was about to reach for her knife. Link lifted up the cake, before placing inside a wicker basket. “Good idea, it will make a nice treat while we are traveling to Terma.” She smiled, before she stood up to clean up the table. After clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen, both of them began preparing for their trip. “I’m sure Grateson will take care of Zelli and Petal while we're away.” “Mm.” Link nodded his head, with a smile on his face. With the ocarina still holstered to his hip, and the master sword sheath on his back. Link gathered up his stash of rupees from within his desk. Inside Link noticed a dried Sundelion, one he picked from Sonia’s grave with Rauru’s hand. Despite Rauru using the last of his power to heal Link’s body from the gloom that plagued his body, Link couldn’t find himself to part with the flower. “Link!” Zelda hollered towards Link, with her carrying a bag on her back, excitement covered her face. “I’ve gathered up all the needed materials I think we’ll need. Are you ready?” Link pushed the draw on his desk shut, after closing the flower back within the book. Pulling on his back pouch, along with his rupees, Link dashed down the stairs. “Bye, Carp!” Zelda hollered once more, with a splash heard from above. Both of them left the house. Part Four End.Part Five, ,EEchoes of the Past: PortFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series
Legend of Zelda fic: By the Blessed MoonLink looked through the leaves and branches, his eyes peeking out from under the headdress, scanning for castle guards. Princess Zelda's study could be seen beyond the moat, the light beckoning to him. The presence of the guards surrounding Hyrule Castle did not concern him. His only concern was whether he could play his love song to Princess Zelda or not. Nighttime was the opportune time. The other boys in his tribe played their love songs outside girls' family's huts to let them know of their interest. Clutching the flute in his hands, he resolved that he would do the same tonight.Princess Zelda of Hyrule captured his attention when they first met and had not let go. He was just a warrior, accompanying the tribe's ambassador on a critical diplomatic mission. After that meeting, he would spend time with her, although they could barely understand each other at first. As her father and his chief talked, she would teach him Hyrulean little by little until he was able to carry conversations with her and others. Just as importantly, he loved to learn about Hyrulean customs. Like how to eat properly in front of guests, and eating with your hands might be proper in your tribe, but awkward in front of the King, Link.But he knew now that his desire to spend time with her meant that he had begun falling in love with her. The chief and the other warriors confirmed that when he told them how good it felt to be around Princess Zelda, especially when she went off on tangents about new things she'd learned, like how to make elixirs using frogs, or the history of her kingdom. ("Tell her how you feel!" the tribe's ambassador said, patting his shoulders)Too bad she had not told him about Hyrulean courting customs.At the ball earlier, she had invited him to her study. ("Link, you can visit my study any time you want!") So, he walked into Castle Town, right up to the castle gates, asking the guards to let him in. They looked at each other and laughed. He immediately knew that he would have to do things the hard way. He honestly didn't think that the castle guard would be too angry if they found out he had snuck into the castle to say 'hello' to the Princess. He still didn't want to get caught.He didn't know how long he waited up in the tree. The guards perched atop the castle walls, positioned so that they could catch intruders easily. A daunting challenge, but a challenge, nonetheless. He'd slipped past guards of rival tribes on horse raids before. What's a castle wall between him and the Princess? If he was going to do this, he would have to put all his training and experience to use.First, the guards didn't notice him. He had hunted game much the same way, and when stealing horses. He could remain quiet, and in the same place for hours on end (at least he thought he could) amidst the brush and trees. At this time of night, the darkness gave him an advantage over the guards, as they could not see him amidst said trees and brush. However, if he burst from them, they would easily spot him and he would be taken to the captain of the guard, and he would be in a lot of trouble. But that was the risk he was taking. Teenage desires were overriding logic tonight.He saw an opening near the southwest corner of the walls. A guard had stepped away, into the guard tower. He had noticed the guard fidgeting every now and then. He must've had too much ale or wine at the ball earlier. Or just too much ale and/or wine in general. But the guard stepping away left a spot where there were no guards around, giving Link the opening he needed. He jumped down from the branches and ran towards the wall.Heartbeats: they were racing. Love: he was chasing.He effortlessly scaled and jumped the wall before the guard returned. It was all smooth riding from here to the princess's study.Princess Zelda closed her scientific journal with a heavy sigh and an aching right wrist. She leaned back, letting her long blonde hair cascade backward while she stretched. She was no longer wearing the fancy dress she'd worn at the ball earlier tonight, just a night dress. What she had expected to take no more than a few minutes stretched out longer and longer until, by fatigue from both the ball and writing about the medicinal properties of Hearty Radish, she could no longer continue.Sighing again, she stretched her arms above her head, standing up and stepping away from her desk. As she turned, she caught a glimpse of a headdress that hung near the window. Now that it had her attention, she looked at it; a creature skill with red "hair", or whatever it was, trailing downwards. The Faronese "barbarians" had presented it to her as a gift of peace, and she gladly took it, although she was laughing awkwardly in the moment. However, she got used to the sight of it.The first individual who came to mind was the handsome, dashing warrior, Link. His interest in Hyrulean culture surprised her at first, but she came to enjoy teaching him the ways of her people, as he did with her. Like the time she taught him how to use a fork and knife after his faux pas in front of the King. They came from different worlds, yet they were both of one blood, Children of Hylia. Besides, he was eager to learn. And handsome. She'd found herself eagerly anticipating his visits, feeling her heart flutter like it was doing right now whenever she saw him.Looking away from the headdress, she left the study. The night was warm, even though a chilly breeze cut through the air. Turning towards Castle Town and the wall, she leaned against the stone railing.She thought about Link again. Had she begun to fall for him like the heroines of the barbarian romance books popular in Castle Town? What would Father think? Hells, what would high society think? Was it wrong to have feelings for him?Link had stopped to catch his breath underneath the gangway that led from Zelda's study in the turret to her bedroom. When he heard the faint sound of the door opening, he froze in place, assuming a guard had caught him. But when he looked up, he was relieved to see Princess Zelda. Gods, she was so pretty tonight. Could it be her and not the Goddess reincarnated? With the way the moonlight shone on her, it looked like she was, in fact, a Goddess, and not just the Princess. His feelings for her swelled at that moment."Ay, me!" she groaned. She speaks! "Oh, Link! Why are you, Link?" she called out to the nether. The subject of her lament felt his heart flutter. "They call you a 'barbarian'!" Oof, that hurt, but from the sound of her voice, she— "Such an unkind word. Would I be a barbarian if I ran off with you? Why must you be a 'barbarian' and I royalty? UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I'm such a fool. The other ladies will endlessly tease me for this."But what a label 'barbarian' is, despite our peoples' respect for each other. We are of one blood. We are Children of Hylia. Is it wrong for us to hold each other in our arms and declare undying love?"… Goddesses, I'm talking to myself, and I sound like a fool."Link held his hand to his chest, keeping his heart from bursting through his rib cage. She shared his feelings! He knew what he must do now. took a deep breath, lifted the flute to his lips, and started playing a soft melody that other boys in the tribe used when calling to their prospective sweethearts. Closing his eyes, he let the song speak for itself.Princess Zelda nearly jumped out of her skin and dress when she heard the music. It was soft and faint against the wind, and she couldn't place the source. Was someone playing the flute in the castle? She looked down, and saw the warrior Link below her, playing a flute. Right as she saw him, he saw her and stopped playing his flute."Link! What are you doing here?" she gasped."I, I wanted to see you," he answered."You saw me earlier!""Yes, and you were beautiful," he replied, making her blush. "But, I… in my tribe, we play flutes outside girls' lodges we want to court."She chuckled. His wording was awkward, but his earnestness made her giggle. "But what are you doing!? You're going to get caught!""You said I could visit you any time!""I meant during the day, not—Oh goddesses. You heard me, didn't you?"Link nodded, and she could see the blush, even in the dark. Her own face turned deep red and she let out a high-pitched, low-volume squeal from her throat while lowering her head to the stone. "Never mind. It's too late now. Please come up here."He was on the bridge in a matter of seconds. As he stood before her, the contrast between the two could not be clearer; the prim, proper princess and the animal skin-wearing barbarian. There was no need to imagine the scandal that would break in the court should they both be found out. He removed his headdress, revealing his luscious blond hair and ponytail. The moonlight emphasized his muscles, even though he wore some strange "vest", for lack of a better term."I… I wanted to see you tonight," he said."Yes, I know," she replied."If I could, I would not be 'barbarian', I would—""No, don't apologize for being yourself!" she said, hitting his arm. "How did you climb the walls?""Love gave me strength and speed," he replied, even though she knew he was always quick on his feet."Yes, well, good for you. Now Father will be angry.""I don't care about him," Link answered. "Let him find me here.""Daring," she said. Then she smiled. "Very daring. So, you love me? Say it with all your heart, and I'll believe it!""I love you, Princess Zelda!" he replied. "I swear by the blessed moon—""Do not swear by the moon!" Zelda interrupted. "She is deceitful, changing monthly and hiding by the clouds.""Then, uh…" Link desperately tried to think of something better to swear by. "Then… by my oath as a warrior?""You never told me that," Zelda replied. Then she turned, dramatically, throwing her forearm against her forehead. Link didn't understand, but she was about to reference a play that was popular in Castle Town. "But I swear by nothing! I take no joy in our meeting tonight! It is too rash, too sudden! Ere one can say, 'It lightens.' Sweet, good night! This bud of love, by summer's ripening breath, may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet. Good night, good night! As sweet repose and rest, come to thy heart as that within my breast—AH!"Link, taking that last part literally, threw his arms around her, picking her up and pushing his face into her chest. She squealed, hitting him, until he put her down. "Don't do that again!""Do what?""Put your face in a woman's bosom!" Zelda replied."You told me to!""It was a metaphor!" Zelda replied."… I apologize," said Link. "I know not... I am trying. I see now I don't understand how your people court.""Apology accepted," Zelda replied. "But please, don't do that again. Unless I tell you it's okay.""Okay," said Link. "One last thing?"What would that be?" she asked."I… have never kissed anyone. Can I kiss you?"She scoffed a laugh at his request. "You can, but whether or not you may is another one.""Oh. May I kiss you?""Yes, you may," she replied. She turned to him, lifting her head up to his. Nervously, he cupped her jaw, pulled her closer, and pressed his lips against hers.He sucked in his breath at the sensation. Her lips were soft, her scent so fine, like silent princesses. She, too, felt drunk on the scent of sweat, grass, and jungle flowers wafting off him. It felt like the best, most natural thing in the world for them to do, like they were destined to find each other, no matter the lifetime.Slowly, Link pulled away from Zelda, even though she was pulled along with him on an invisible string until her eyes reopened, and she realized what happened. She licked her lips, savoring Link's taste."You kiss by the book," she said."What book?""… It's also a metaphor.""Do you want to come with me to meet my tribe?"Zelda's breath hitched in her throat. Bodice-rippers about courtly ladies meeting or being kidnapped by barbarians were popular in Castle Town and in the Court. It was impossible for her not to hear about them. In fact, she read one or two. Thoughts swirled in her head. "I hardly know how to live in… wherever it is you live," she replied."Come on, is that your excuse?""An explanation is not an excuse," she said. "And besides, if Father finds out, as much as I would love to escape, he will hunt us down. He could have you hung or decapitated!""… I wanted to know if you could visit our encampment outside."Feeling silly, Zelda covered her face with her hands, groaning. "Yes, that would be nice," she replied. "Why have I not visited them yet?""I don't know," Link replied, scratching at his cheek.At that moment, their little bubble burst when a guard shouted, "YOU THERE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?":-:-:-:-:-:-:-:Ambassador Ryu couldn't stop laughing, despite the daggers that King Rhoam threw at him with his glare. Sitting at the table in the dimly lit interrogation room, Link and Zelda tried to make themselves as small as possible against the situation."Be serious!" King Rhoam huffed."I am!" laughed Ambassador Ryu, who was flanked by two older warriors who also could not hide their smiles. "What were you thinking, Link?""If one person could breach our walls, what does that say—""It says the boy wasn't thinking," Ambassador Ryu said, answering his own question. "Gods know I did some silly things at that age.""Zelda, are you alright?" King Rhoam asked, ignoring the ambassador."Father, I am fine," she replied. "This is my fault. I should have taught him more about how we court.""Court?" King Rhoam asked. "Breaching my castle walls is 'courting'?""He was doing what I did once," said Ambassador Ryu. "He is doing his best.""I would be more concerned about him causing a diplomatic crisis if I were you," King Rhoam growled.Ambassador Ryu put his hands up. "And I am going to say this; imagine if those two did marry—hypothetically, of course—forget the scandal. Our peoples would be allies." He held his hands out, and did not continue, knowing that King Rhoam had picked up on his line of thinking. The King visibly relaxed, straightening his posture."Well, I suppose we can let this go. He is still a child, after all," said King Rhoam. "But if he is to court my daughter, he must be accompanied at all times by our guards." Both Zelda and Link groaned."Thank you for understanding," said Ambassador Ryu, as he pulled Link from the table. As they left, Link turned and winked at Princess Zelda, making her giggle. To keep Link from misbehaving, Ambassador Ryu threw an arm around Link, pulling him close against him so no one could hear them, and said, "We need to teach you a thing or two about courting."
Echoes of the Past: Cremia MilkFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom. with the Fan-fiction based around my personal play-through of the series, and how I’ve pieced together the series from the few games I’ve played. ^-^ I've not completed all of TotK shines yet either. Here is Part One & Part Two,EEchoes of the Past: Master Sword Following in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past Part one *spoilers for TotKFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesPart Three, Cremia Milk. Upon returning to the Lookout, with the master sword once again at his side. Link helped Zelda from Zelli’s back before heading into Purah’s lab. Inside Purah was scanning through old Sheikah documents, documents that are normally hidden from those outside the tribe. Reaching down to pick one up, Zelda noticed one with writings ‘Triforce’ mentioned several times across the pages. Noticing her arrival, Purah turned to pull the book from Zelda. “Excuse me, Princess! If Impa learns I let you look at these I will not hear the end of it!” She closed the book before placing it on her desk, returning her attention to the duo. “So how did the trip to the forest turn out? Was there any connection between the Ocarina and the master sword?” Zelda sighed lightly, “Sadly the only thing we could find out about the Ocarina, it used to belong to an old Kokiri.” Purah’s face paused.“You mean Koroks, right?” She slowly returned her gaze back to her pile of books scattered about, but she threw some as if looking for something. Zelda, puzzled, watched her, “No, Kokiri, the Great Deku tree recalled a memory from his sapling years only after hearing the Ocarina.” “Hmm…” She stopped scanning through her books, “Well I guess I have to return back to Kakariko Village after all…” Returning her gaze to Zelda and Link, “It’s definitely interesting as I haven’t heard of Kokiri, unless that is what the Koroks were once called.” “According to the Deku tree, they once went by Kokiri, but they turned into the Koroks only after he was replanted from his birth forest.” Purah placed her arms across her chest as she pondered, “That is good to know…” As she sighed, Purah turned towards Link. “Well Linky I trust that you will make good use of that Ocarina, until then I need to talk with Impa. I’m sure she might have some records that can help us track down this Kokiri.” Josha walked into the Lookout lab, with her hands full of research papers. “Josha, what are those?” Purah watched as her young student set down the stack of papers. Meeting her gaze, Josha turned towards her. “These are the recent reports from the Zonai survey team, most of them need Tauro thought to finish up the recent discoveries. Especially the team we sent down in the depths, but he is currently studying the Ruins in Faron. Making it difficult to pinpoint his location.” She sighed, as Tauro was a researcher found by Zelda before the upheaval, but upon Zelda’s return. Tauro has been busy studying the sky island ruins with a passion. Only matched by Zelda’s passion, research, allowing her to take a good guess to his current location. “I’m sure he will return to Kakariko Village before much long.” She smiled, with Link chuckling lightly. “He wouldn’t want Paya to start worrying about him after-all.” Recalling his time after the upheaval, Link watched as Paya studied underneath Tauro to study Zonai text. Only for Link to watch as she began to spend much of her time watching Tauro more than learning from him. As she began to surpass her mentor, upon Zelda's return and the defeat of the ancient Ganondorf. Many in Kakariko and a few of the Zonai survey team began to notice the relationship between the two, overshadowing Link and Zelda. Despite their battle being over, as sage of light was Zelda's newly found duty for her to bear after the final battle. With her leading the remaining sages by her side as they used the Zonai stones. However with her new abilities, Link’s duty in protecting Zelda had decreased with the princess he swore to protect was capable of protecting herself. With Link’s mind lost in thought momentarily, Purah reached for her Purah pad. “Until I’m able to find out more information, why don’t the two of you take a trip?” Purah smiled, catching Link’s attention. Making him feel that she was reading his thoughts. “After all, since the final battle, the blood moon doesn’t appear as it used to. Making the monster control crew keep the fields safer than they used to be.” Zelda looked at Link, remembering the distances he traveled to save her since he was appointed at her side. With the restoration of Hyrule finally set in motion, allowing the kingdom to slowly regrow and letting the duo catch a breath. “True...I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to travel to the neighboring kingdom. What do you say, Link?” “Hmm, are you perhaps referring to the kingdom Terma? Our neighbor to the north or are you meaning the country that lies to the west?” Josha, excited, looked at Zelda as she glanced over a map. It was one retrieved recently from a traveling sea merchant, but he happened to Hyrule after the events of the Upheaval. Exchanging the maps to conduct trade in the kingdom with Zelda, giving her the idea to strengthen her ties with Hyrule’s neighbors. Despite sounding like a vacation to some, it was still a task Zelda knew was a needed step in keeping Hyrule on the track to its former glory. Zelda, after pondering, responded to her. “After much thought, I think it would be best to visit Terma first. Since it is the nice home of Ting after all, he recommended that we go during this time of year. What do you think Link?” Happiness was on his face, as he could imagine the types of food that were prepared. Purchasing spices from Ting during his stops in Hateno brought joy to Link’s day. Especially with one of the dishes made being the most sought recipe Link has owned. Causing many foodies and chefs across Hyrule to travel to Hateno. “We don’t even need to guess. Right, Linky?” He scratched his head, while chuckling at Purah. Catching him in mid-thought, he had begun to cook up new recipes within his head. Zelda chuckled with Josha at them. “It would seem it is settled then, until you return I’ll look into the origins of this ocarina!” Purah smiled as she tapped her Purah pad, with her vanishing instantly with her body being transported away. Josha sighed loudly with her teacher's actions. “Such dedication…” Turning towards Link and Zelda. “I’ll be studying any of the documents here for a lead as well. Never know what the Doc might've forgotten. Goggles is outside at the restaurant, I think his son came to the Lookout with the recent work crew.” “Thanks for all your hard work, Josha.” Zelda smiled at her before the duo walked out the door. Before shutting the door behind her, “Would you like me to bring you back a souvenir?” “Hmm...I would like to try some of that Cremia milk I’ve heard about, but Goggles says I’m not ready for it yet.” She sighed again. “I don’t get why he says that, I see him drinking it whenever Mr. Ting brings a fresh delivery.” Zelda chuckled, as Cremia milk was a special type of milk from a cow only found in Terma. Ting has told many stories from his kingdom, with Cremia cows being the main focus. Its most popular effect of this milk was allowing the drinker to become intoxicated. Making it required to be sold only to adults. With the first crate of this milk being brought by Ting, Zelda tried a sip of this milk. However with a sip, she found herself unable to stand. Requiring Link to escort Zelda home safely, as she was able to keep her balance. “I’m sure I’ll find you something!” Josha pouted, as she could tell that Zelda denied her request. Part Three End.Part Four,,EEchoes of the Past: CarpFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series...
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