Lost World Spec Challenge

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#Spectember is upon us!

And so the next Spec Challenge arrives!

Last time we explored Skull Island, now we follow the tracks of Prof. Challenger into The Lost World.

The lost world, in the book knows as Maple-White Land is a large, isolated plateau, a tepui. It is suited near the three nation triangle of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana and yes, it is home to some remarkable flora and fauna.

But hold your horses! Like with Skull island you will not find here the non-avian dinosaurs you seek, Challenger was a bloody adventurer, don't trust everything you read *! However even for tepui standards the Maple-White Land has a lot of strange and archaic creatures that you might mistake for some retro dinosaurs on first sight.

In case you aren't familiar with tepuis I put together a bunch of papers and photos that will show you the wonders of the flora fauna and landscape.


And I found this book online that you can complete go through but unfortunately not download, it also gives you some insight into the marvelous caves of the tepuis


among the animals that the Challenger expedition claimed to have seen are:








“Titanoboa sized snakes”

As you can see we have a lot of enigmatic megafauna here.

On these plateaus however you find usually stuff like small frogs (a lot of them) lizards, small birds, rodents, small marsupials and of course a lot of bats. Also freshwater crabs, insects and gestropods can be abundant.

The largest animal sighted on a tepui was to my knowledge a giant anteater, tamanduas have also been found on tepuis as well as coatis.

On the matter of old lineages: no megafauna, I think that should be clear. Problem is that experts are not quite sure when the tepuis became isolated, some go as far back as the middle Creteacous, when the Guiana shield broke off of Africa, others think that only during the Pleistocene the tepuis really became the islands in the sky as we know them today.

What you can submit:

You can submit everything from sketches, full drawings, paintings, sculptures, 3d models, to animations or full blown videos. Please make sure that, in case you photograph your work, you try to get the quality as high as possible, I know many of you don't have a scanner ;)

Add at least a short description, stuff like:



Next relatives:

Environment: (plains, wetland, forests, hills and rock labyrinth or caves)

Adding some key information on the piece also help because I can't save the pictures AND descriptions in my folder.

You can btw. submit as many animals and plants as you like.

How you submit:

You can submit on DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter or Discord.

On Deviantart leave a link in the comment section, on Facebook and Twitter tag me and/or post under the hashtag #LostWorld2020 on Discord you post in the server challenge channel.

When is the deadline:

Deadline is Friday the second of October.

What we will do with these entries:

On the weekend after the deadline we will have three streams: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, on which we will look through the entries, evaluate them and put the fitting ones together in scenes that gives an overview over a specific environment.

On the map:

Spec Challenge! The Lost World

The central lake from the novel is here quite a bit smaller, mostly because the Challenger expedition only discovered half the tepui and went back when they encountered the central hills east of the lake that are really hard to climb without proper gear.

The groups of green splatters are forests, these grow mostly in the lower parts of the plateau where the soil isn't washed away by the frequent rain.

The light brown stripes mark the typical rock formations that are numerous on tepuis and that form often labyrinth like areas.

The purple spots you find here and there are sinkholes, some 200 m across, they are the main entry points for the underworld of Maple-White Land, extensive cave systems that are still only marginally mapped and explored.

*Just to be clear, also no pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs or other Mesozoic stuff you find in the books, you think we will go the easy route here?


There will be no indigenous people on the tepui, humans ruin such small habitats in no time.

Plants are as welcome as animals!

© 2020 Hyrotrioskjan
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Can I suggest an upcoming Spec challenge contest? could be the mysterious island of Jules Verne.

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Maple White Land Biota (Spec Challenge)

(a few unpolished bits, but here is the current state)

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The Renpiente(Lost World Spec Challenge)

My last entry, the creature behind the "Titanoboa sized snakes" sightings

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An Unusual Relationship(Lost World Spec Challenge)

Here's my fourth entry, two species based on characters from Up

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DanbolviHobbyist General Artist

Hey where are you going to broadcast

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DinoBrian47Hobbyist Traditional Artist

He'll be hosting the streams on Twitch.


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Rahonavis70mHobbyist Traditional Artist

Last one I promise!

Sail-Backed Frog (Lost World Spec Challenge)
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DanbolviHobbyist General Artist

here are my participation

Lily hopper book
Sinkhole Wildlife
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Din0boy1Professional General Artist
Can I do Alvarezosaurs, they are the smallest of the non-avian dinosaurs the smallest one is Parvicursor(this species is 50 cm long)
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Rahonavis70mHobbyist Traditional Artist

Yet another submission, mammoth cube time!

Mammoth Cube Beetle (Lost World Spec Challenge)
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AndreOF-GalleryHobbyist Digital Artist

and I forgot posting here ^^;

Giant Sloth Lizard (Lost World Spec. Challenge)
Tepui Devil (Lost World Spec. Challenge)
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Rahonavis70mHobbyist Traditional Artist

Another submission!

Ichthyosphenodon (Lost World Spec Challenge)
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YellowPanda2001Hobbyist Digital Artist
The American Gharial of Maple-White Land

Fifth submission. Time for a ghost lineage. :ghost:

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Hey look I made another on time after all

Piebald Peccary
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Rahonavis70mHobbyist Traditional Artist

My third submission!

Gargoyle Owl (Lost World Spec Challenge)
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DINOCARIDHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lost World Spec Challenge - The Giant Boa Worm

Funky worm times in Maple White Land.

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DinoBrian47Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Where will you host the streams going over all of the entries?

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DinoBrian47Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Alright. Thanks for clarifying!

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Tepui's Troglobites (Lost World Spec Challenge)

My third entry for the challenge, exploring the biota inside the caves of the MWL tepui

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YellowPanda2001Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Quilled Shrew of Maple-White Land

A fourth submission... now a mammal, cause I am tired of herpetology.

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TheDarkMaster2Hobbyist General Artist

My last entry

Mud Dragons
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TheDarkMaster2Hobbyist General Artist

This is my second to last entry, make to resemble what a realistic mistake for a titanaboa sized snake would be

The River Serpent
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