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sunbathing Deinocheirus



Hi, if you see this, note that the picture of the creature you are looking at was just based on a rough description, is full of flaws and gives you not really a good insight in the weirdness which the new fossil material of this animal suggests!!!

Another quick drawing/painting, without references, so it's definately more Paleoart than Paleontography.
At first I thought this is a very late April fool, but well the best stories are written by nature, right? =D

Beside the new design it's also another picture for my sunbathing nonavian dinosaur series: hyrotrioskjan.deviantart.com/a…
the small guys under the Deinocheirus are Shuvuuia derserti

p.s. would you mind if I call this animal now Struthiocamelus the ostrich cammel (not Struthio camelus, the african ostrich) ;)
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lol I only had learned about this when the article was posted a year later.