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prehistoric Lophoraptorids

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Beside Terrorlophosaurus [link] , the South american landmass the home of an multitude of dragons. Before the Aquilapoda from the north conquer the new habitats, this were the kings of the pampa.
But not only big species like Boroepula (5m) or Palalophoraptor (4,3m) went hunting. Pusilloscalprum was just a half meter long and maybe was specialized on Parasites which they picked from the bodies of larger animals (like Toxodon).
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I would love the see a full body drawing of the Pusilloscalprum

You're dragons are amazing BTW
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I have a drawing of it where two of them picking ticks from a Toxodon face, but it's to big for scanning =)
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Any lophoraptorid + 1 claw swipe = :iconakudisampingmu:
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Wow! I first thought that it were dinosaurs:
and Pelecanimimus
I suppose they evolved from archosauromorphs (maybe dinosaurs themselves?) or are they highly evolved squamatans?
I'd love to see one of those meeting a sebecid croc. I wonder which one would win the fight.
Extremely cool!:D
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Thanks =)
They are nearly relative with monitor lizards and mosasaurs [link]
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Your Dragons are the best!
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The bottom one... I can't stop staring... it's taking my soul!
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Thank you very much =D
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Wow! These are wicked. I especially like the middle one. :aww:
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I love the heads. The one in the middle reminds me of Guanlong.
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convergent evolution is everywhere =D
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