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draconic fauna of New Zealand

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The dragons of New Zealand were maybe the first draconic victims of the human race. They were very specialized and and like their neighbors, the Moas, they had a slow reproduction cycle. Dinodactylus is known from many specimens from the southern island (inter alia a near complete mummified subadult which was examined by Gideon Mantell). Graciliobcisor is only known by one specimen from the northern island and a few fragments from the southern island.
The juveniles of Dinodactylus had proportional bigger wing- and halux-calws which suggests that they were partly arboreal.
They were maybe also able to glide short distances.
Recent studys of the stomach contents of two adult specimens showed that these animals feed mainly on fish but also fruits and leafs.
Such finds are not known for Graciliobcisor but the form of the teeth suggest a similar livestlye. The fossils/subfossils of both species are known from coastal deposits but there are also fragments of Graciliobcisor in mountain deposits.

the oldest dragon fossils which were found are 4,3 million years old, older than the oldest moa fossils.
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Interesting, very interesting!
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We need to take the mummified specimen  and use its DNA to bring them back!
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Amazing! New Zealander Approved :D
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Yessss!!! =D

Don't miss Smaug? ;)
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Kann ich eigentlich bei allen Drachen, die du nochmal neu gezeichnet hast, davon ausgehen, dass das alte Bild veraltet ist?
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Ja, eigentlich schon, im Fall von ausgestorbenen Arten kann man wohl sagen das neue Studien der Funde zu neuen Ergebnissen führten aber sonst aber kann man die alten Bilder vergessen. Ich hoffe ich komme bald mal dazu die Ursprüngliche Reihe neu aufzulegen.
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Okay, das hör ich gern (hab die nämlich immer als alte Rekonstruktionen eingebunden).
Wenn ich ne Änderung mitkriege werd ich das im Wiki jeweils ausbessern.
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No ittibitti kiwi dragons holding on in the shadows? They wouldn't have to worry about introduced predators as much if they kept the venom.
Also, wouldn't the presence of native carnivors change the New Zealand ecosystem, making it more resiliant to introduce species in the first place?
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These are epic ^^ German Temeraire-fans dinosaur-nerds are rare on the net.
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I wonder what Philippine dragons might look like...
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So far there are no finds on the Philippines, but it's possible that small Confuciosaurids lived theere during the Pleistocene.
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Something tells me they're not quite extinct yet...
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Bet they were eaten by giant eagles! Like the touch of the mummified subadult.
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Thanks =)
Yes that's possible :nod:
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an unknown wish of drawn this dragons alongs moas has born insde me :love:
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