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Yi qi

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Before everyone ask me if I will do a drawing of this new feathered bat... yes I sat down in the middle of the night and produced this quick 20 minute 
picture. This new wing structure is certainly a new challenge and I'm not 100% satisfied with the result but it's enough for the moment.
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OMFG when I saw this drawing for the first time in 2015, I couldn't tell if this was real or fake...

I am still amazed.
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simply beautiful
i LOVE the style and look of everything here :la:
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Did you read the latest studies about this specimen? Looks like the "styliform bone" was just a misplaced ulna/radius so no dragonsaurus, sadly. pterosaurheresies.wordpress.co…
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That's no new study but a article by David Peters, a man who studies photos of fossils not the fossils itself. He also things that
the nearest relatives of pterosaurs are lizards and that the Thylacine was the last living relative of the Hyaeonodon. 

His methods are questionable to useless and he often sees things which aren't there. ;) 
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Lol this guy was going around spreading David's rubbish around this time on a bunch of yi qi art.
I don't know why and I don't think it's Peters' himself. 
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Favorite depiction of Yi yet!!
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I have a few better =)
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Its good that you're finally continuing your dragons artwork, wait....
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Looks so cool, love it!
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YESSS more Yi Qi art!
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Isn't three enough?!
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Gentlemen we have DRAGONS! :iconigotacintiqplz:
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I love that plz =D
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This is proof that somewhere at some point...there was Wyverns
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Well, not really but it's still a cool fossil ^^
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