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Terrorlophosaurus animation

Maybe you remember this prehistoric dragon: [link]
A few month ago I made a small film with windows movie maker :ashamed: to illustrate a bit the story I had in mind when Ibeginn to draw this szene. Now I reproduce a part of it as a animation.
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Wow, this is beautiful! :omfg: How did you do that:?
PS. Did you put your movie maker video on Youtube:?
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Thanks =)
I make several layeres with Photoshop Elements and save them with the "save for web" option where you can choose if it should be a animation.
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Thanks a lot! :)
Btw, do you have a link to you movie you mentioned in the description:?
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I have no Youtube account, I just made it for myself =)
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Ah, what a shame, I'd have loved to see it! :)
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It's really short und not finished, what you see here are the last seconds =)
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Well, I hope you'll finish it and show us the whole! ;)
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Very, very good!
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Is that a real Pterosaur? I thought they were quadrupeds. Either way it's pretty cool and believable.
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Yes pterosaurs are quadropeds, but this is not a pterosaur, it's a dragon, the link in the description leads you to the ref sheet of the species =)
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Well dragons can be a bit of a generic term I've actually read a few scientific articles regarding pterosaurs that actually referred to them as Ancient dragons, so I just wanted to be sure.

It's really well done regardless so much so I believed it was a real critter ^^
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Wenn du weiter machst, könnte es eine coole TV-Serie werden! :D
Dein Zeichen-Style erinnert mich an den Style von der Zeichentrickserie Avatar... ^.^
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das liegt daran das ich in diesem Fall mit sehr einfachen Mitteln arbeiten musste, hätte ich mehr Zeit und vorallem langfristige Motivation, sähe das ganz anders aus =)
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Wow, very nice my friend :D.
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Always a pleasure :bow:
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Brilliant! The motion is dynamic and very acurate :)
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