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The Talmuru is a bird which belongs to the lark family (Alaudidae) and its part of a subfamily which was totally made up for Nea, the dew larks.
These birds are designed to live in dry, hot climates. A major advance they got are the very long feathers they have alongside their beak. These aren't just normal display feathers but, much more important, hydrophile structures which draw moisture from the atmosphere.
These feathers are genetically designed to collect water of their surface and to lead it through microscopic capillary toward the beak where it is consumed by the bird. Larks are already good in living in arid regions here on earth but these feathers give them the advantage to thrive under even hyperarid conditions for some time.
The trick I describe here is actually long known to insects, especially some desert ants which collect bird feathers, arrange them around their nest and harvest the dew.

The Talmuru is one of the less modified races. Other subspecies which evolved in the isolation of Nea look different, in a few thousand years these animals could be the neanean equivalent of birds of paradise.

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*Question* Why does Nea have so few water?
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you are fantastic :)
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Wonderful creature!!!!!!
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I like the idea of this project!
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I LOVE IT!!!! to create a whole new world/globe by oneself, so talented!!! are you a game/virtual world creator? I would love to learn it!!!!!
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Thanks =D I'm a art student specialized in Paleoart and Speculative evolution =)
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No. You are the liar.
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The art of lying is a pleasure ;)
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but a lying "science"(cult/religion) back-up solely by full of pictures and paintings just for pleasure is a laughter :D  

your art/imagination seems ok, they look exactly like animals today. dinosaur birds plays the role of bird, as of birds today :) other dinosaurs correspond with the roles of other animals as of today :) Becuase that was the attitude of people in the "science" today, that's why today's "science" fail; Evodelusion = Lie = a imagination religion/cult full of painting and drawings to brainwashing people :D
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Oh man, it's so beautiful... I feel both admiration and envy at the same time. Mostly admiration.
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Thank you very much :bow:
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Fuck yeh mustache birds X'D
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Love the hydrophilic feather idea!
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That's a really awesome design.
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