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Back from SVP (was a awesome time guys) and now founder of the PaleoPolice Facebook group... it's a busy time to be me. 
And finally I was able to color the Stomatosuchus, the largest crocodylomorph of Bahariya, here shown with the smallest, Libycosuchus. With 10 maybe 12 meter in length it's truly a giant and worth a longer article but I need to move on, I must cover a live-sized R. tubercualtus model in glass fider mats and some copyright criminals need a Thagomizer slap.
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This question might be rather anachronistic, since this picture was posted years ago, but I am curious about your take on the ecology of Stomatosuchus and similar species. Crocodile with highly flattened skull and extremely weak jaw seems to be a winning formula, as it has not only occurred twice in two unrelated lineage, but also come in sets in the same ecosystem (at least in the case of Cenomanian North Africa). From my preliminary online search, there seem to be two popular explanations. One suggests that these animals are like crocodilian venus fly traps that sit and wait, but the high water resistance of the large board like upper jaw coupled with the extremely weak jaw make this sounds unlikely for me. Another explanation argues that these animals are like amphibious baleen whales, but with their rigid mandibles unlike those of rorquals or pelicans, this explanation also sounds like missing some key points to me - not to mention that these creatures are equipped with a full set of teeth. Both Stomatosuchus and Mourasuchus coexisted with large gharial-like crocodiles, namely Elosuchus and Gryposuchus, so there has to be some ecological variations. So what's your interpretation of these wonderful creatures? Thank you!
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Wow, I can FEEL the mass of that thing. Absolutely stunning. It could come to life any second.
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Any one else notice how stomato's jaw is perfectly sized to eat a human in one bite?
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It`s funny how quite a few paleontological medias tend to lump in Sarcosuchus as being contemporary with Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus when it wasn`t and ignore this croc even though it was just as big and actually coexisted with the aforementioned dinosaurs.
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And spinosaurus may have traveled to niger,dinosaurs move.
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Well.sarcosuchus could've easily traveled to where spinosaurus was in a couple million years.
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It's indeed very strange :P
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Awesome! I think I'm not alone in loving very big animals just for their size, and this enormous croc definitely satisfies that love haha. It's a stunning illustration you've managed to create once again, I'm still a big fan of your beautiful style.
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Thank you very much :lol: =D
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Was zum Spinosaurus?
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Nordafrika steckt voller Überraschungen ;)
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A truly amazing reptile.
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Es gibt eine Facebookgruppe von PaleoPolice? Wie toll :D
Könntest du mir einen Link schicken, ich würde ziemlich gerne beitreten.
Das wäre toll.
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Hooooly Moses, what a beast!
Didn't know he was SO big...
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Wow, the texture and detail really bring the tremendous size of this animal home, its truly a gorgeous work of art...
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Now that is a HUGE crocodile!
You've brought this extinct animal back to life with your amazing work!
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