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South america, 12 million years ago

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Two primitive lophoraptorids of an unnamed species (yet, it was found in 2010) rest on the back of Purussaurus brasilienis. Some other dragons of the same kind fly in the background and one is landing next to the couple on the crocodile.
These guys look tiny but remember that Purussaurus had an estimated lenght of 15 m.

extant lophoraptorids:
Daulophoraptor [link]
Brontolophoraptor [link]
Ascialophoraptor [link]
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Now...I don't know if the birds (pterosaurs? dragons?) are real or not.
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Nod Yes. Very nice. Small prehistoric dragons eating parasites off the back of a giant extinct caiman (as well as resting on it's back). There's NO way a jaguar would ever be able to take down such a huge relative of alligators if it were to coexist with that Archosaurian reptile.
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Really is purussaurus 15m? how heavy is it?
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Yes, should be between 13 and 15 meters long, I never found weight estimates but I would say something around 8 or 9 tons.
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What is your favorite dinosaur
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I don't have a favorite, I try to be open for everything.
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I changed my favorite yesterday, now its this beauty…
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Was man durch Zufall noch für Schätze in deiner Gallerie finden kann! :D
Yay! Purussaurus! Das letzte mal, hatte ich ihn auf einem Mediziniposter gesehen! (Mann, klingt das dämlich! XD )
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Haha, ja je weiter man zurück geht...

Guck dir besser meine ersten Bilder hier nicht so genau an, ganz schlimmes Zeug dabei :faint:
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How long is the one on the left (in the background)? 100 ft?
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It's 6 feet long (it's very near the camera ;))
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Oh! I thought it was further away. The motion blur tricked me.
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Hmm... Yeah, when you look to this, it is easy to forget the size of Purussaurus :)
Awesome drawing!
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So is the dragon in the background the same species? Also an idea for a name: Microdraco americanus
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Yes, it's the same species :nod:
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You should do more pics like this!!
dragons with other prehistoric animals AWESOME!
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I have some sketches of others... =)
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