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Sleeping Trinisaura

Again we take a look in the trees. This time (it's now no. 20 of the AY series) we visit the antarctic continent during summer to watch a young female Trinisaura climbing on a tree to take a rest from the search of food. All Yesterdays not only bear some new idea, it also reincarnate old theorys, like semiquatic sauropods. My push in that direction are partly arboreal ornithopods. In nearly every book about dinosaurs you can find old paintings or photos of models which show hypsilophodontids climbing like tree kangaroos [link]. Later it was shown that the halux was not for grapping but for running or useless (hmm... or for scratching?...). The whole world today laugh about such reconstructions, but is it that unlikely that small ornithopods feed or rest in trees? The best example for a herbivore which have such livestyle is the goat. These animals are very well climbers, even without grapping teos, and even trees are not save of their teeth.
The resting behavior seen here is not known from goats but primates, birds and
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Reminds me of my ferrets oddly enough. Very cute image
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Looks cute. Nice job:)
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Yay! Reincarnating old theories!
Speaking of old theories, I remember suggesting the existence of killer pterosaurs, arboreal dinosaurs, a large gliding dromaeosaur, another dromaeosaur capable of powered flight, Spinosaurus hunting other dinosaurs like a crocodile, and of course the infamous "Deinocheirus was a piscivore" idea, and getting ridiculed.

Turns out all of them came true.

EVIL Laughter! 
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Soooooo... you'r from the future I guess? :P

Nope, but considering all the ridicule I went through (especially the fish-eating hypothesis that had me bogged down for half of this year) it is sweet revenge.

As soon as I heard the new of its stomach contents I was like  ;) (Wink) 
And some people will still deny that it wasn't mostly a herbivore, even if it did eat a lot of plants (which I have to admit, because I saw the EQ)
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Well, yes, in fact it's quite cool to get back the 'tree kangaroo ornithopod' idea in your own way
vasix's avatar about some....semiaquatic sauropods?
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Was already in the "All Yesterdays" book =)
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wie süß >-----<
Will es knuddeln >-< knuddeln knuddeln.
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Es würde dich mögen =)
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Ich will ein Plüschi davon :O
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Ein paar nahe verwandte Arten gibts schon [link] ;)
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