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I heard different opinions about the status of this species, some put it into Coloborhychnus, others see it as a own genus.
But whatever it is it's definitely a interesting possible part of the Bahariya fauna.
While Alanqa was certainly a inhabitant of the swamps and plains of the ancient Egypt, Siroccopteryx/Coloborhynchus was (if it was like it's nearest relatives) a glider and lover of the ocean which maybe only visited the lagoons of Bahariya to feed on carcasses on the beaches. 

The coloration for this guy was inspired by some petrels and in difference to the other parts of this series I colored this drawing mostly with colored pencils. 
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Do you have a blending tool for your colors or not? I'm looking to see if i should get one and your final products are some of the best paleoart Ive seen