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I heard different opinions about the status of this species, some put it into Coloborhychnus, others see it as a own genus.
But whatever it is it's definitely a interesting possible part of the Bahariya fauna.
While Alanqa was certainly a inhabitant of the swamps and plains of the ancient Egypt, Siroccopteryx/Coloborhynchus was (if it was like it's nearest relatives) a glider and lover of the ocean which maybe only visited the lagoons of Bahariya to feed on carcasses on the beaches. 

The coloration for this guy was inspired by some petrels and in difference to the other parts of this series I colored this drawing mostly with colored pencils. 
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Do you have a blending tool for your colors or not? I'm looking to see if i should get one and your final products are some of the best paleoart Ive seen
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Das Ding sieht irgendwie unförmig aus:o (Eek) 
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Pterosaurier, vor allem abgeleitete Pterodactyliden waren auch ausgesprochen unförmig auf den ersten Blick, bei Azhdarchiden
wie Quetzalcoatlus war es sogar noch extremer, dort war der Kopf bis zu 3 Meter lang aber auch 2,5 mal so lang wie der Körper.
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Diese hatten aber auchen einen längeren Hals und längere Gliedmassen(zumindest auf den ganzen Bildern)
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Ja das stimmt, Azhdarchiden gehören noch mal zu einem ganz anderen Zweig als die Ornithocheiriden
Hier sieht man die Proportionen ganz gut:…
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oh i imagine that guy biting my arm yeeks! Markiplier WTF? 
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Great job. 
I think I have a tooth from one of these in my fossil-collection. 
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it is fantastic job :)
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i dont tink Siroccopteryx  and Alanqa lived in the bahariya formation , they where discover only in the kem kem beds .

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I never said they are from Bahariya, but it's very likely for a fyling animal to roam both habitats
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yeah , like the hatzegopteryx in hatzeg island .
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Its really hard to believe all of this animal's diet consists only Fish ! :O

Awesome PaleoArtwork anyway :)
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Awesome! I really need to know more about pteros, its a disgrace how ignorant i am on pterosaurs.
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Great as always.

Wouldn't be surprised if some of these guys did venture into the lagoons sometimes, like their Liaoning relatives. Although the conditions are very different. Or perhaps I'm underestimating the derivaty between even close relatives if modern animals are any indication.
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whoa....waitaminnit, the wings look odd. This is the first drawing Ive seen depicting wings folded so deep to the inside of the arms.
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Siroccopteryx is smaller than I realized...or looks kinda short and  small until it opens out its wings, I guess?
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Indeed, Ornithocheirids have giant wings!
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Sieht echt toll aus! :D (Big Grin) 
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