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A 9m long monster from africa.
I love the name of this beast
Rugops primus: sounds dangerous, and he looks dangerous.
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Einer meiner liebsten, er lächelt die ganze zeit nonstop
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PALEO POLICE!! *wee woo wee woo...*…
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You mean copyright violation. Yes, that very typical for Carnivoraforum :no:
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typical for forums in general
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 Thinking tends to go, if I'm not making any money off it it's not a problem to show it whenever I want… At least the person didn't necessarily claim it as their own.
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tru dat, but they should really ask for permission first
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Was Rugops really predatory?
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We can't say for sure...
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With those teeth?  I would say so!
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These teeth are rather small compared to other theropods so it's not clear what it ate.
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Do some more abelisaurs, then do a collective picture of them.
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demanding is useless ;)
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I would feel truly honored if you would allow me to use this in a video I am making about the Dinosaurs who were the Apex Predators of their reign. Its a non-profit slide show montage video, made for fun and advent viewing to everyone. If no, I will respect that. If yes however, then I will guarantee that your name will be in the credits and there will be a link back to your DA page in the description box so that everyone can know that it is work. What do you think?
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Well, where Rugops lived, Carcharodontosaurus was the apex predator
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I wouldn't mind if you use it =)
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incredible, it was very cool, I liked the way it portrayed dimorphism of dinosaur.
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"Erstes Runzelgesicht". Oh ja, bei dem Namen zittere ich vor Angst :lol:
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Ja, ich renn auch imer vor alten Leuten weg =D
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He's wearing little black socks! XD
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