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And now the largest inhabitant of the Bahariya ecosystem, Paralitian stromeri, a maybe 23 m long titanosaur, heavy enough to crush the tank of Arnold Schwarzenegger, big enough to impress... everyone, and maybe defensive looking enough to let even a few Aegyptosaurus peacefully graze in its shadow.

This old bull with many scars and a healed fracture in the tail could be the specimen which Smith ET AL. published 2001 

For this picture I used mostly :iconpaleo-king:'s skeletal drawing/description as a reference: Paralititan stromeri by Paleo-King

Edit: oh and maybe this is a bit more pleasing for your eyes than the "knightian" apatosaurs from JW ;)
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Amazing! Simply spectacular!

I see a little croc.
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I have no idea how even three Carcharodontosaurus could kill one of these monsters!
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Excellent! I love the sauropods with the pug faces.
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I'm starting to like this so much it's making me jealous :D

I'm thinking your longer neck is actually more plausible, and I may revise my Paralititan accordingly.
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Haha, thanks =D

I'm not so sure about the neck, the remains are so fragmentary that this becomes more speculative than anything. :P
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Fantastic work. I love that you can truly get a sense of mass from the animal in this picture, as if you can see just how every centimetre of flesh and bone is under the weight of gravity. As it is I can just picture the sound that will be produced when that forefoot comes down again. I also have to say that the more minute details, such as the skin texture and the osteoderms, are wonderfully incorporated.
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Must see in a herd in a forest...
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Well, but the forest would look still small, most plants in their environment where mangrove fern trees. 
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amazing drawing!! :D
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you are most welcome! You have an amazing talent! :)
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:D :D Would you like checking my gallery? I would be honored! :D
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Was already there =D
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Hhahaha! Thanks! I hope you liked! :D
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You are on the right path :thumbsup: =)
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First, i thought that with those small legs and stiff tail, they would be easily fell face first to the ground, nut then i realize that they're  exist.
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Reality is often stranger than our imagination ;)
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Or maybe their neck were actually lightweight?
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*they did exist
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