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It's only a quick sketch but I want to share with you this new triumph of paleontology. Ornithomimus with feathers! And not only that, the three (!) specimens which were found are in different growth stages and show that adult Ornithomimus had long branching feathers on it's arms.

edit: the short story after I read the headline of the article:
after 2 seconds: sitting still with shiver everywhere
after 8 seconds: jumping around like a monkey with LSD in blood
after 20 seconds: laughing evil and loud because I know that somewhere a creationist is growling :evillaugh:
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Fantasticly done. Keep it up.
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The "hardliners" are always complaining about mane stream scientist ignoring evidence against the geologic time scale but they ignore evidence that dinosaurs had feathers. How does that go against the bible anyway? It doesn't, if I don't see it in nature or in the bible it must be an invention of man.
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im a creationist and i beleive dinosaurs had feathers and were related to birds
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This was more a challenging for the hardliners ;)
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In my mind, feathered dinosaurs don't rule out the possibility that God created the universe. I think some people just take the Bible too literally. Cool illustration.
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Or a magic unicorn...
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Well it was more a challenging for the hardliners =)
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I've seen you have a first feathered ornithomimus on DA before everyone does and include me.:)
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I draw it minutes after I read the message ;)
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Good, I read that message too!:) But sometimes I really like the way to drawing feathered dinosaurs after I read other messages.
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The most awesome thing about this discovery is that it is discovered in the formation rich with theropods, like tyrannosaurs.

And I will expect winged ornithomimusaurid in GDM

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I'm too ornithomimusaurs are were too long ignored by myself =)
So, what does this imply about the original purpose of retrices? Does this mean ornithomimids were descended from a gliding ancestor? Not impossible, but it sounds unlikely.

Could it imply that retrices started off as display structures? The fact that only the adults have retrices seems to imply that ornithomimids, at least, were using them primarily as display structures.

Wonder if this means we should be sticking retrices on all coelurosaurs? How hard would they be to convergently evolve or to secondarily lose?

Anyone know how complex these arm feathers were? I'm wondering whether this pushes the origin of complex feathers further down the tree, or whether they could have been simple quill-like structures.
Recent studies show that Pelecanimimus might had been capable of WAIR/flight, so...
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Ok, much to answer here =)

1. It's indeed very unlikely that ornithomimosaurs evolve from gliding animals, it's nearly impossible. Feathers are a very common feature in the tree of theropods and just a few of them reach the air. All gliding species we know coming from the Maniraptora and Ornithomimus is not a member of this group.

2. Yes the most possible function for this big feathers is to atract mates and scare enemys, but also to warm he eggs.

3. Most scinetists belive today that feathers are normal at dinosaurs, maybe even the first of them had feathers.

4. We have no evindence how the primary were constructed exactly, but they must be at least as complxe as the feathers of ostrichs. We know, from the marks at the bones, that they had a massive rachis but we don't know if the branches hab hooks to form a solid structure together.
"Pelecanimimus does have large paired sterna with ossified ribs and possibly uncinates, so maybe basal ornithomimosaurs were more flight-y anyway. Not only that, but the seemingly solid position of ornithomimosaurs outside Oviraptorosauria+Paraves isn't quite as definite as it seems. It's just that basically all recent coelurosaur matrices inherit the character bias and miscodings of the TWG matrix. So no surprise their topologies are all similar."

- Mickey Mortimer.
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Thanks for the note =)
Indeed, I was hoping you'd draw a flying Pelecanimimus, even if as a joke.
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