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Finally I got my new notebook and now I have mastered GIMP (and the scanner options of the new computer) enough to risk a first try.

My test animals are freshwater sea serpents also called river dragons. These small natrixosaurs from eurasia (and maybe northern africa) inhabited our rivers and lakes shortly after the last ice age, but genetic analysis of well preserved specimens showed that this subfamiliy is much older than only 11000 years. It's been believed that these animals evolved 2 Million years ago in africa or at the coast of the Indian ocean and remain within the warmer climates during most of  the ice ages. maybe a increasing crocodile population drove these animals into more moderate regions after the glaciation turned retrograde.

During the middle ages Occidanatator and Jangtsenatator went extinct because of human influences. Mekongnatator held on a bit longer, but at the end of the 18th century even this small species vanished from the rivers of southeast Asia.

These sea serpents are predatory generalists, the sharp teeth in the front are perfect to spear fishes while two rows of flat palatal teeth are used to open the shells of lobsters, snails and clams.

Edit: it's not the first time that I draw Jangtsenatator, but because I'm now completely reworking this sub-project it needed a new design: here the old one:…

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Is this completely digital
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Is this the same canon as the Part - Time Humans? Because if so, you have two explanations for the identity of the Buru cryptid.
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love the look of theses guys if i was a evil master mind i would totally have a tank filled with these guys. hell id get one even if i was good
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I'd like to see Jeremy Wade catch one of those guys!
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I'd watch that episode!
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Wow, the way this new part of Dragons of the World is progressing already looks spectacular! I can't wait to see more. I especially love the way Mekongnator's forelimbs are slightly longer than the hind limbs. Is that a particular adaptation towards a certain behaviour?
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Thank you very much :hug:

A feature, what you don't see here well, is that these animals still have hoof-like claws. These, together with the longer forlimbs (in the case of Mekongnatator) is a evidence that they prefered very shallow waters
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I can't pick a favourite between the three, I like them all!
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That's what I want ^^
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I want to own such busey in the aquarium!:happybounce: 
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Such beautiful designs and colourations, love this! :wow:
So these are all extinct huh? Due to hunting or habitat destruction? :)
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Thank you :bow:

>So these are all extinct huh? Due to hunting or habitat destruction? :) (Smile)<

Both, in europe it was mainly overhunting by dragonslyers but in asia, especially China, they extinct mostly because of habitat destruction and other stress factors.
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Ah cool, thanks for telling me!
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Wonderful work, your snakes are believable and remind me to the mosasaurs :)
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These serpents are wonderfully done! Great work!
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