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Nanuqsaurus seasons greetings!

By Bakkers beard! Christmas surprises me every year, it jumps on my back and rip me- and my purse- open to death like a rabid Deinonychus!

But it's still a wonderful time, just a hour ago me and my dad placed the Christmas-tree in the living room (we tend to have large trees) and soon I will build up my model train under its dense canopy.

Here a little early present to all of you, some of you will remember "Rudolf, the red nosed allosaur", one of my first better known pictures here on DA, back then no exclusive arctic dinosaurs where known so it was a south pole theropod I chose for the Christmas greeting card. This year we finally got our polar bear tyrannosaur and while discussing with :iconbestiarius: about Nanuqsaurus and other stuff I come up with this concept a while ago. 
We (when I remember correctly) compared Nanuqsaurus to giant petrels, very big, often gruesome predators with dirty gray/brown/white plumage and bad table manners.

Here Rudolf, our Holiday mascot has stuck his nose into the carcass of an dead mosasaur which has run ashore.

I wish you all a happy Christmas and a merry new Year* 
Now I had to go, my Pachyrhinosaurus sled needs new paint.
By the way paint, this picture was made with pencils, colored pencils, gouache and watercolors.

*or to say it with the words of Lythronax, a gruesome new year.

Edit: here the old allosaur version: Rudolf, the red nose Allosaur
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inspired by giant petrel?
dealino's avatar
such a gentleman
Mobstermagnet's avatar
I love this so much. Thank you made me a happy man :3
XStreamChaosOfficial's avatar
AnonymousLlama428's avatar
I find this oddly appetizing.
YemaYema's avatar
I can totally imagine a set of six of these pulling Santa's slide.
peas12344's avatar
..ouch. it looks like it hurts...
Hyrotrioskjan's avatar
It was already dead =)
peas12344's avatar
grisador's avatar
He's having a Good Feast ! :D
Jdailey1991's avatar
Did this predator ever live alongside the Giant Troodon?
Hyrotrioskjan's avatar
Indeed :nod: I have several sketches including both species =)
5aurophaganax's avatar
What is he eating?A shark?
Hyrotrioskjan's avatar
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