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More Exo-fishes



These are three much more derived species of the extraterrestrial fishes which inhabit Silvanus.
H. drabirii and H. wegneri are very common at the root reefs under the Mundodendralis trees, with their small hooks they cratch algae like plants from the surface of the giant roots.
Umboptera is one of the largest animals of Silvanus' ocean, only the biggest maggot seals and the predators of those are bigger. Umboptera live is huge swarms which migrate around the glode and feed on plankton and organic waste which fall through the rifts betweens the Mundodendralis plates
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Nod Amazing job. :happybounce: I would be EXCITED if any animal that looked similar to those creatures actually existed on the seven recently discovered earth-like exo-planets (should people finally get the opportunity to check them out for themselves with or without the use of a long-distance surveillance camera attached to a robot. If people were able to find evidence of the existence of water on both Mars and our moon_even though it's not a planet or dwarf planet like Puto_they should be able to discover life forms on those exo-planets)! :ponder: When/if they do, I can only hope they don't treat them like E.T. or the X-Men. Video Icon mini You know how government agents were portrayed against aliens and other oddities in movies, right?