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Short rest from the german jurassic

Last year a new and bizarre pterosaur genus was published from the early cretaceous of China. Moganopterus was first thought to be a boreopterid but Witton 2013 shows that it's more likely a large ctenochasmid (here misspelled as Morganopterus). There are already a few reconstructions but None of them was satisfying to me.
Moganopterus is only known by a skull (950 mm long) and a few cervical vertebrates. These vertebrates are pretty elongated. So to reconstruct the rest of the animal I used roughly the bauplan of Pterodaustro, another longnecked ctenochasmid. Additional I speculate about the soft tissues of Moganopterus and add a ceratinous crest, similar to that of Pterodactylus or Ctenochasma.
Another difference is the size. Lü, Pu et al. (2012) suggest a wingspan of 7 meters but my Moganpterus reach only 4 meter, wich is similar to the estimated wingspan of Mark Witton (4,2m).
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