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Mirolong prealautus

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Most extinct dragons, especially smaller genera are only known by one specimen. Mirolong is no exception, but in this case it's at least a very good preserved one. To be honest the preservation state is astonishing. The fossil was found in the Shanwang National Geological Park which is known for fantastic fossils of all sorts and more than 600 species of plants, invertebrates and vertebrates.
Beside big parts of the skeleton there are also soft tissue parts. A small part of the wing membrane is known and a scarp of skin, but the most exiting feature are the two very long scales and a couple of similar bristles at the hips.
Mirolong was- how phylogenetic analysis recently confirmed- a sister taxon of the Cryodraconidae and near related to Eoiactator.
This species may change the way we depict early Cryodraconidae and the evolution of dracofuzz.
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:D (Big Grin) I think it looks cute too. It looks like a miniature dragon-of-paradise. LOL.
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you know, I too started doing dragons. But as a family from the archosaurian, to explain the feathers and things.
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Certainly depicts their diversity!
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Yep, unfortunately gone.
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Such a shame.
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Der is ja süß, wo krieg ich sowas als Haustier?
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das wird ja immer besser und besser,
gerade der bereich in dem die finger in die flughaut übergehen sehen wunderbar aus. Auch die federn sehen toll aus und geben dem tier einen "charismatischen" look. Gefällt mir wiedereinmal sehr gut

PS : Der Ascialophorapor dauert etwas länger, in den letzten tagen bekomm ich irgendwie nix auf die reihe,ich hoff aber das diese blockade bald wieder verschwindet.
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Is nich schlimm, ich selbst erst kürzlich festgestellt das ich einfach kein Künstler für Aufträge bin, Skizzen ja aber mit allem was darüber hinau geht hab ich total schwierigkeiten.
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This is fantastic, you even included the fossil.
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I've never seen this dragon has a fuzz. Beside, it looks wonderful!:D
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You're welcome!:)
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What a spectacular skeletal in the top right of that insert. This particular dragon doesn't look like a particularly strong flyer, was it arboreal? Also- nice touch making it closely related to the Cryodraconidae, the only other branch of the dragon family- apart from one convergent occurrence in Uxuldraco -known to possess feather-like structures.
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Thank you =D

Well I would not say feathers, the Dracofuzz is very different to the plumage of birds.
Beside the antomy there is not much we known about this species, we don't know what it feed or how it lived. It's possible that it lived partly on trees but we will have no clue until more fossils, especially of the legs will be found.
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Ah yes, I was wondering why it didn't show off the characteristic Aquilapoda foot- because the illustrator didn't have access to that part of the fossil. Nice touch.
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The story of how dragons ALMOST evolved feathers.
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It's called Dracofuzz =)
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So... dragons came close to evolving feathers. That's pretty cool. I wonder what a species covered in those would look like.

Perhaps Quetzalcoatl would know :P
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