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Megaceloxus atlanticus

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Megaceloxus is the first member (late oligocene to early miocene) of an very specialized dragon family which also contain Volatiosuchus, during their evolution they show some refining developements of their body plan for long-distance flight and fishing lifestyle. The neck became shorter but the snout longer and the teeth thinner, the tail became shorter and the keratinous crests larger.

Because of some new informations and some material I get from colleagues it was necessary to redraw this animal, I also notice some flaws on my first dragons, so I will maybe remake the whole series again with much more effort on accuracy.
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I like these ones with the AO feel
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Is that dragon picking its nose?
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Yes =D
Because of the many salt they absorb with their food they need to excrete it somehow. Like iguanas from Galapogos they do it throw the nose and this individual tries to remove the salt crust =)
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That's the best facepalm I have seen.
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Haha, so kann man das auch sehn =D
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Does it dive into the water or caches them in the air
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It catches fish from the air =)
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Awesome coloration mate!
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Come for the dinosaurs, stay for the dragons.
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Haha, thanks a lot :lol:
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I fell over snickering when I showed this to my 15 year old brother. He promptly started flailing yelling omg dragons were real?! He he, you know your drawings are good when- LOL
Made my day.
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Haha :rofl: I would like to see that :lol: I always try to fool kids but when even 15 year old boys believe it... thanks for sharing =D
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With your quality of art you could compile a text book and try to sell it to college level cryptobiology classes LOL
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I'm working on something similar already ;) [link]
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maybe the most wonderful dragon in this series
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