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Machimosaurus cycle



Finally I'm able to present you the Machimosaurus series. Well, I hope you enjoy.

We are again 154 million in the past and start where our last "comic" ends, at the Zuidval vulcano in the Netherlands (here the Pterodactylus series:… ) where the baby Pterodactylus recently hatched. One of their food sources are the parasites which inhabit the back of the giant crocodiles, and so it's not a rare sight these days to see a Machimosaurs full of dwarfed cute pterosaurs. The specimen we will follow now is a still young male with an lenght of "just" 7 meters. The odor of fresh and older carcasses had driven him at this place. His nose burn because of a recent erruption of sulphurous gases but his hunger is bigger and the prey so easy. several small theropds and ornithopods disappear in his throat. It's enough meat too carry him over the long distance which is still ahead of him. From the Zuidval vulcano he travel to a much greater island to an region which today is called Oker and which become recently a fossil Eldorado. During his journey through the jurassic sea he meet several species of other big inhabitants of this wet realm, inter alia a swarm of Leedsichthyus… . Finally he arrives at the shores of the island which is his destination. But a few kilometers are still to go. He swimms up a the delta of an rivers which scent he nows very well. Not far from here he was born, and this was the first place where he saw the see. The shores of this fastflowing water are full an other crocodile genera, a more modern one: Goniopholis, a medium sized neosuchia. Some of the specimens which lay here in the sun are nearly 4 meters long, but they are no competition for our male. On the one hand Goniopholis is not interested into the same prey which Machimosaurus prefer and on the other hand is even a 4m long Goniopholis no danger for a adult Machimosaurs.
More inland our male leave the river and follow a dired out streambed. It's the end of the dry season and many smaller streams peter out. But within the small canyons and gorges which the waters burried into the rock the a few wet places outlive and water horetails grow at many places. Through the gorges echos the strange sounds of an pair of Cycnorhamus wich prefer the deeper parts to nest… . Finally our male reach the "mating pond", a small lake which even in the greatest heat never run dry. Here, many other Machimosaurs are allready waiting. Some of the S
specimens which are doze on the sand or lay in the water are much bigger than our male, lenghts over 9 meters aren't rare. Some of these capital males are covored with scars from battles with others of their kind. The desirable females are normally a bit smaller but some of the older are still bigger as our male. These ladys are out of his reach.
But nature rewarded also the secret lovers. While the other males are fighting fight for the biggest pond our male mate with an small female away from the crowds.
blessed our male return to the sea, the turtle season is beginning soon.
But the female have different plans. A few weeks after the mating the rainy season has started, and near one of the countless ponds and swamps which cover the coastal plain the Machimosaurus had build large nest made of ferns, horsetails and waterplants. Soon, very soon she wil lay her eggs.

This picture/series, is part of the Jurassic Germany Project, see some sketches for other creatures here:…
The menu card of Machimosaurus:…

Like :iconkronosaurus82: I now make small "protagonist chards" to have a better feeling of the size...

While making this series I learned much about painting landscapes, vegatation and paleobotanic. In addition I get a better view on the whole ecosystem (for a few days I just read about and sketched turtles, I even bought a book on this matter). Also I thought much about the "item mentality" and alternatives to it, see C. M. Kosemen's podcast for more informations:…

Again a very long text, hope you don't mind, comments and reviews are welcome as always =)
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Cool idea, but we didn't really needed to see the croc pussy. Some eggs would be nicer.