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Lost World habitat map

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An addition map that showcases the habitats 

On the topic of Ghost Lineages:

as you may have noticed I articulate myself a little vague when it comes to the age from which you can use animals and plants. This is mostly because new genetic studies suggest that tepui faunas might have much more connection/interchange with the lowland fauna than we thought, with interchanges as young as Pleistocene.

But of course (contrary to what some say) I don't want you to create creatures that are near carbon copies of extant species.
Another reason why I'm cautious to let you just take stuff all the small Mesozoic bois and the early Cenozoic bois is that we would very quickly end up with something totally outlandish that just doesn't fit into the this environment.
I looked since the initial post further into the history,, geology and biology of the tepuis and of Venezuela and Brazil. I also read a little bit up on fossil localities from that region and found several more paper dealing with the biodiversity of these plateaus, even an extensive mammal paper turned up.

My general advice is: if you have a specific idea, look maybe first at extant species or species that went very recently extinct. Only then go down deeper in time.

I think going back as far as the Miocene is still doable when we remove the Lost World a little more from the rest of the tepuis and make it especially hard to climb in our time. Occasional ghost lineages from the Mesozoic are possible, but better look at small creatures. A Discord server member created for example a Rhynchocephalian “stegosaur” with ancestors in the late Cretaceous..

What does this mean for you? What groups can you draw from? I list a few examples here, but if you put some research into this i'm sure you will uncover more:






In other news:

I was able to find so far only two species of fish that can be found on tepuis, they are Leporinus tepui and Gymnotus carapo.  

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It's amazing! More realistic

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DanbolviHobbyist General Artist

I have a question, where in the real world do you inspire for Cliffs, larger barren hills and how do you visualize it?

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I had made an updated version of my ground hoatzin if you haven’t seen it already

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I would like to clarify I didn't suggest that I didn't specifically suggest you wanted animals that were near carbon copies of existing animals but unless you "cheat" (such as by ignoring or handwaving away aspects of how real tepuis and their ecologies are set up that would make it unlikely for relict populations of largish animals, even if not megafauna, to remain endemic and isolated for several million years) that is what is going to happen. There is still significant artistic license either way (especially since a lot of people seem to be focusing on very large animals near the limit anyway...).

I don't want to keep arguing because it really wears on me and it bogs the situation down with negativity, but I don't want to be taken out of context by non-confrontational but passive-aggressive statements or not given a chance to defend my opinion. I understand at this point the challenge is sort of set in stone, and I'll probably end up participating either way, but I just wanted it to be known that there was a lot of potential here that I believe could've been utilized better.

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HyrotrioskjanProfessional General Artist

I'm sorry if I sounded rather passive aggressive here (it was not specifically for you but also a few other people who raised similar concerns), like you I just don't really have the energy in the moment to argue about this and I see so many great ideas already flocking in that I sometimes might react unnecessary salty. Like with the Skull island challenge I would VERY much appreciate if you take part.

Some cool stuff that came in on Discord included: Megaloceros but bird with flamboyant cranial disply feathers, gliding frogs and live in sink holes, "ceratopsian" snails or ground sloth like opposums.

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WesdaamanHobbyist General Artist

The plateau from Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World, eh?

By the way, I'm developing plans for a new Lost World movie, but it will be traditionally hand-drawn 2D-animated like classic Disney or DreamWorks.

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JadeRavenwingStudent Digital Artist

I had no idea what a Tepuis was before this. This is awesome and amazing. I love the concept of them.

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TheDarkMaster2Hobbyist General Artist

Is my entries too far back? I'm just curious.

Also since you said pleistocene would be considered the latest would Albanerpetontidae be suitable? I mean they survived in our world as young as the pleistocene

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HyrotrioskjanProfessional General Artist

I don't think we have them from South America

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TheDarkMaster2Hobbyist General Artist

ah ok I'll leave them out then

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Are my 3 submissions too much like extant species? if so would you like me to tweak their designs?

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HyrotrioskjanProfessional General Artist

It's fine

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