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Leptocleidus capensis

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The Bahariya formation contains a very diverse ichthyo-fauna but also aquatic and semiaquatic reptiles are also known, crocodiles are the better known part, plesiosaurs the lesser. Stromer described once Peyerus capensis, but later reviews showed that it was actually a junior synonym of Leptocleidus.
Leptocleidus was a very small plesiosaur/pliosaur (the taxonomy seems to be uncertain) with 3 m in length and Leptocleidus superstes reached only 1,5 m. Leptocleidus is known from freshwater and brackish water habitats so it's not surprising to find remains of this genus in the western desert which is known to contain a former river and mangrove system.
Unfortunately this was also the realm of... who knows it? Who knows it? 



(ok now it become silly)

Edit: how it turned out Leptocleidus capensis wasn't present in the Bahariya Formation, instead the Stromer material seems to belong to an polycotylid.
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