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Juvenile Spinolurus

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I nearly forget this matter. Spinolurus show a very interesting allometric pattern. Adults are fully quadropedal (they stand only on their hind limbs to reach higher branches or bird nests). Juveniles and babys are instead bipedal until they reached a lenght of 3 meters (between 3 and 4 years old). The bigger/older specimens are called Burrunjor and were once descriped as a seperate species.
Another difference to flying dragons is the state of parental care and the number of eggs. Spinolurus often laying up to ten eggs (Eurovenator only 2) and between 6 and 8 chicks are normal. Babys following their parents during the first weeks but these don't looking much aftern them. With an age of 7 weeks (this state is shown here) they leave the adult animals. During this time they are active at night and day to cover their food needs, their diet is a bit more meat-heavy. During the first two years they often live together to warn each other because of predators (they stay in contect with their long tails). Many juveniles become killed during their first year by snakes, wedge tailed eagles, dingos and dieseases/parasites but mainly the perentie and the lace monitor. Often only one of ten reach the adulthood.
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From a distance, I thought this was Sinosauropteryx.
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It was partly inspired by this ;)
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You should make a juvenile Eurovenator
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I have sketches already =D
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I you believe that a squamatan could undergo such a drastic alteration?
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Evolution is full of surprises, this is nothing compared to other ways of how nature can form animal.
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Suppose you're right....humans and their babies aren't precisely alike anyway :)
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aw it's so cute!!!
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Don't forget goannas as predators.
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Thanks for reminding me :nod:
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Aww! Baby reptiles just have a unique appeal in my opinion. You should show more baby dragons.
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There will be more in the future =)
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I wish your dragons were actual animals. They're so realistically designed. 🐉
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very creative!
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What a cool area of this creature's life cycle to explore, certainly wasn't seeing this coming- but they're so adorable :) I wonder, do any other dragons have a stage in their life cycle like that?
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Thank you =D
Tarimhesaurus and Confuciosaurus have also a very intersting life cycle which I will depict maybe soon ;)
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Oh, fantastic- I can't wait for that! In the mythology, Chinese dragons have a really bizarre life cycle; can't wait to see how you explain it all :)
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Well I haven't found something about this theme for chinese dragons yet, but I read recently that there are three "species" of dragons. The landbased Long, the hornless sea dragon Li (sea serpent?) and the swamp dragon (Buru?)
Also interesting is that there are fire Longs and water Longs, the water Long could be inspired by the freshwater sea serpent and the fire dragon by Confuciosaurus (like european dragons because of their venom).
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