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Just a Eosinopteryx nest



Nr. 17 of my All Yesterdays series.
This time it's less creative and more aesthetic. Birds build their nests every and climbing, gliding, flying non avian theropod would have the same opportunities. Here it's a male Eosinopteryx which warm the eggs in an hollow tree trunk during the female searching for food.

Edit: ~Orionide5 mentioned that Eosinopteryx was flightless. That's obvious true but it't doesn't make nests in trees impossible. A good example from today for behavior like this is the Seriema, these birds are nearly flightless but the build their nest between 1 and 5 meters over the ground, sometimes even higher. For their nesting places they choose trees where they can climb up to the nest...
I hope you see where this is going.
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Are the colors based on the Sungrebe?