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Again, there are very few tries to reconstruct this species so far (I know only two other examples and two skeletal drawings).
Ischioceratops is a late surviving leptoceratopsid from China, known from the unusual pelvis, parts of the tail and the hind limbs. Maybe it's closest relative was 
Montanoceratops and that was also the animal I used here as a reference for this restoration.
This drawing was a quick pic for Earth Archives, produced within a half hour, 02:00 in the morning. The hind limbs could have been a little bit more gracile but
overall I satisfied :P When you look closely you will notice that the eye of the animal of covered largely by the nictitating membrane, something you see rarely in Paleoart
and a detail I thought is worth experimenting with :P

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He Looks Like he regrets everything
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looks like protoceratops
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what makes it different
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Great!, I really like how you use credible and beautiful colours, and some sensible speculation.
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Looks like human cheeks cool idea.
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Now this is art......oh woops sorry, I'll stop now!
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Why? Of course is it art =)
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No, what I meant was that this is definitely great art, the other part was an inside joke I thought you understood.
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Looks a lot like Protoceratops
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They were similar in a few ways but when you actually compare this guy to one of the newer skeletal reconstructions you will notice a lot 
of differences.
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what kind of differences?
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I wanna hug it
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But that'll get me PRICKled
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Really amazing!  I still can't believe this only took you a half hour! :D
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