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Finally my Irritator arrived on DA, here with a dead Anhanguera.
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The favorite dinosaur of my country, very cool
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Did you draw this on DA Muro? If so, how did you do this? I'm just wondering 

Anyway, I think all of your work is astonishing and awe-inspiring. You are truly talented. :D (Big Grin) 
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These are pencil drawings colored digitally with Photoshop Elements.
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Poor Anhanguera . . .
Literally every art whit a Irritator on there,s always a Anhanguera on it too.
And most of the time it's getting attacked or eaten :(
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Well, not always, and when I produced this picture it was still a young meme ;)
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Awesome paleartwork\reconstruction ! :clap:

You depicted this spinosauroid's feeding behaviore very well
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You are really welcome :D

Great paleontolgy related artworks; they are almıştır revolotionary !! :o
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Interesting name to be sure,the one who named him must have been very irritated while doing so.
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Yes, they were very confused by the way the fossil dealer has tried to "complete" the fossils with plaster =) 
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Can you please draw some creatures from the Mist??? Please!!
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Sorry, I never saw the film and normally don't de fanart
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what are ye waving at? run damn it!
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He know he is to slow and say good bye =)
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Thats despressing..
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It could be worse =)
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When will you get to Spinosaurus?
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When I will get it...
Don't know, the Pyrungata wave overran me.
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What do you think about my fisrt pictures?
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I don't know how old you are and don't know you personal so I will try to give you a objective-as-possible feedback. The pictures I have seen so far are naturally not masterpieces, but they show that you have enough knowledge to avoid bigger mistakes (for example I heven't seen any zombie-hand-raptors). the proportions are right in the main and I saw some interesting concepts. One thing you must always keep in mind is the weigth and the size of your creatures. Your Coelotitan for example is a nice creature, but this lean legs would not carry a giant like this for long. Bigger means often more robust. My favorite of your work so far is the cannibalistic Majungathuolus. the relatively rough technique which you use for the scales, and the coloration fits this monsters very well.
All in all I must say that I have seen many worse pictures here.
Keep up the drawing, learn new techniques, stay open for new ideas and have always fun, that's the key to improve your art in relatively short time =)
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Deinocheirus was 12-14 meters long, like t.rex. But its much thinner. The Coelotitan is 26 meters long, but its weight is only 8tonnes.So the body relative to the size of the animal is very thinner. A 17-18 meters long spino was 11tonnes.
There is a huge difference.
And yep, I've only recently started to draw. X) I'm 17 years old.
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