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Not what you expect, or?
The real hydra is extinct in the wild but a few specimens are alive in zoos (not normal zoos ;))
But how is it possible that the old greeks see something like this: [link]

The answer is, again, easier as the most think.
When the mating season is coming the smaller males of the region comes together and build a mating ball with one or two females (maybe you know that behavior from anacondas). And even in this state they can be very aggressive.
Dendroaspis is a member of the mambas and is able to rise the front half of it's body.
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It wouldn't surprise me if this is how the legend of the hydra came to be.

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I think some snakes can actually be born with two heads, but this might be another explanation. Maybe a combination of the two?

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Certainly possible.

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Nice! I love your ability to handle impossible traits and make them plausible! (Well, all except the hexapodal vertebrates)

Honestly, though, I'd expect it to grow a bit... bigger...

That is, unless this is the biggest size where it could rear up without breaking the laws of physics.
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Hexapodal dragons would be possible if mutated wyverns developed a third pair of limbs (maybe in a highly irradiated area) and somehow they managed to survive and over the generations, the weak third set of limbs strengthen becoming a useful part of the dragon 
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That would be more like a dragonfly wyvern than the classic hexapodal dragon, though
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So with this hydra, along with the manicore, phoenix and unicorn, you've made, you think;

it's possible in our world that during ancient times on earth, even historical human periods like Greek and Medieval times, there were animals (animals that have left nearly no evidence) that these ancient people have seen and it gave rise to all of these myths and legends that we hear now?

After all, very little on any organism leaves any evidence for anyone to find, and in prehistoric periods, it's safe to say that a huge majority of animals disappeared without a trace.

Do you understand what I'm trying to explain?
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Venomous? and if so how potent?
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Similar to green mamba.
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Oh ok, not to be trifled with then!
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This isn't a hydra
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Have you read the description? 

I'm not interested in creating monsters but more in searching for plausible explanations for a myths. 
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And you think that tiny thing could've inspired a large monster that could bite a person whole and needed Greek Myth Superman to deal with it?

Sorry, I'm just a greek myth fanatic
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I don't mind =)

When you think about greek Supermen as just humans, remember how many people die every year just from
the bite of the black mamba and how easily humans develop a snake fear you can imagine that the normal story of a guy
killing a bunch of snakes became a heroic quest thanks to the Chinese whisper effect. 
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I meant Hercules
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I know, I'm familiar with the the greek mythology =) 

To my knowledge the size of the Hydra is never really described and greek and roman artwork never show 
the animal much larger than a man:…
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It was also a child of Typhon
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just deal with it already !
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a group of these would be terrifying to see 0.0
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you need to do the tatzelwurm and grootslang they could be cool
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Have you done the grootslang yet?
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Nope, all I have done can be found here
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