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Happy Halloween

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Not as spooky as intended, :iconstolpergeist: might be the better address for such stuff.

You might have noticed that I like fog and I wanted to make this one for a while... the spooky stuff begins when you imagine how these animals hunt
and silently fly...
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Gorgeous! I love the atmosphere in this!
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Fear the silent killer of the North... Winter is coming...

But in all seriousness, amazing piece. Quick question, since most of your dragons have a close relation to monitor lizards is the skin covering pyncofibers, downy-like feathers, or some unique structure only found on your specimens? Just curious.
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This draco fuzz is a own type of integument, derived scales which are long bristle like, hollow and in some cases forked or brush like 
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Similar to some early proto-feathers. Cool. Thanks again.
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Welche Spezies ist das?
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Kam die schon mal irgendwo vor? Ich finde nur Cryopterus und Cryotaurus.

PS: Cryodraco gibts schon als reales Tier:…
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Ups, tschuldige, ich meinte Cryopterus, die europäische Form :P 
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Ah okay, dankeschön :D
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Kinda reminds me of Skyrim, in a way...
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Very awesome!!!!
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deer antlers or jyts plant?
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I cannot not interpret this as an inner grudge towards Christmas decoration being sold already before Halloween
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it looks eerie... what species is it?
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Is that a Fluffy Droggo? 
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Woah, it turned out really cool!
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That's a nice fuzzy dragon
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This is beautiful <3
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Is that a pterosaur or a dragon?
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