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Godzilla, a version that I would like



I should say that I'm no big fan of monster movies. Things get way over the top for me, way too quickly. I never watched a Godzilla movie or related stuff, too me that's just too boring.
However I like spec evo, and good creature design (something that is rarely present in godzilla movies from my point of view) and so, last night, while being sleep deprived and streaming, 
I created this little piece of my version of Godzilla. 
This creature is 'only' twice as long as a blue whale, is a member of the Parareptilia, a clade that includes mesosaurs and animals like Scutosaurus. 
Little is known about this ancient behemoth since it lives in total darkness in at least 1300 m deep waters. It is rediotroph and also uses chemoynthesis, feeding on minerals and redioactive particles that it filters out of the water. The animals don't move much (gps trackers don't work in such depth) and little is known about their social behavior, reproduction and general lifestyle. Over time they become living ecosystems. The decay of radioactive isotopes produces a lot of heat, minteral crust form around large pores on their back where radioactive metabolic waste and heat is disposed, overtime forming chimney like structures. A lot of invertebrates, bacteria, and even some fish like this unusual biogenic environment. 
Mankind only became aware of these slow, well camouflaged creatures thanks to modern fishery. Deep sea fishing nets disturb these animals sometimes, sometimes this makes them move the surface, in one case even into shallow water. 
Since the Fukushima accident there were numerous sightings near the coast of Japan, it appears that redioactive particles from the leaking reactors might have lured the animals in the vacinity of the islands.
It is not known if this is just a coincidence, because no migrations were observed so far, or if the more extensive survey of this part of the ocean floor just revealed on overall higher population density than expected so far. 

Edit: got a name for this guy. Radiopotrix gojira

I made a little video going over some points raised in the comments to make more clear what my thoughts and intentions here are/were.
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Looks like a premutation version of Godzilla to me.