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Early dragons as prey

A large azhdarchid is surprised by the agility of his prey, a Appotomerus appalachia, and misses his meal by a few centimeters.

Appotomerus had surprisingly long legs and many experts argue today that the animal used them catch its food and to escape larger predators. Other think
that they had a extensive uropatagium and used these hind-limb wings in a similar way like it is proposed for the protorosaur Sharovipteryx. And a small third group argues that the long legs mostly evolved to look taller, to scare of predators and competition and to impress females (which would make the small wings originally display structures).

Not surprisingly the first models has become very popular in the public, but while most Paleoart* shows Appotomerus as a active hunter I wanted here to show it as a victim of another large predator, and of course I can break this way another meme regarding the diet of large azhdarchids ;)

*fanart would be totally welcome.
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Poor little guy :( I doubt his higher evolved cousins would stand for pterosaur predation haha 
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:) (Smile) Very clever. Pterosaurs have a lot in common with dragons. They were both winged reptiles, and of course they could fly (even though dragons were sometimes portrayed to bear a resemblance to some strange mammal instead of a reptile, and other dragons were flightless, not counting the Chinese dragons that had the ability to fly without the use of wings).
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 Beautiful azhdarchid!
And run wee dragon run!
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Klasse Grafik!!
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This is exactly the kind of scenario I imagined in my own story. Props on the excellent visualisation! Love the work you're doing here.
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Are your dragons warm blooded?
Lanval-de-Lai's avatar
RUN SWEETIE RUN!!! Good work!! I love it!! :D
grisador's avatar
Nice ! :D
Luckily the tables've turned; in the end...
Giant azhdarchids went bye-bye
Meanwhile dragons prospered !
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So bright and colourful! :D
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The poor little one is like "YEET oh uh oh"
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Sehr schön :) !
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Aw, it reminds me of the time I brought my friend's Ameivas to a lecture I was giving on reptile care, and the pretty much exploded out of the carrier and ran arounf the room until ending up in a girl's backpack! It was a great way to illustrate how to catch and escaped lizard. 
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Are the dragons more related to reptilia proper or are they archosaurs or ornithodira like pterosaurs and dinosaurs?
mynameisnotdave23's avatar
well, he says that they are varanids so I guess so.
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Fantastisch deine Drachen in einem realen Kontext zu sehen! Es wirkt sehr natürlich und echt, ganz also ob es Appotomerus tatsächlich gab
TwoEyedOwl's avatar
Wow, that's super cool!
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Hahah, wonderful. :D
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"False dragons eats real dragons back then."
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I would say that Adzarchids qualify as dragons in the mythological sense.

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gonna do my own interpretation of this guy
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