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Dryadissector- just varanoid or draconiform?

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Recently Brian Switek wrote about a new lizard species from the campanium of Texas: Dryodissector shilleri
It's only known from teeth which are surprising theropod like blades. But even more exiting is how many teeth Wick, S., Lehman, T., Brink, A. 2014 found, they outnumber by theropod teeth from the same site, but mammal teeth are- which is pretty unusual- even higher in number! (remains of their possible pray and competitors)
Cranial or postcranial elements aren't known but the teeth are surprisingly similar to teeth known from primitive draconiformes like Apotomerus or Auroradraco. Appotomerus. But both are only known from Appalachia, while Dryadissector is a laramidian animal, this could be a interesting twist in the evolutionary biogeography of dragons. But it could also be a basal varanoid with no close relationship to dragons so I "reconstruct" this animal here in both ways.

Brian's article: phenomena.nationalgeographic.c…
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I see these 2 as each subspecies.
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someone stole this pic i think...goes by the DA name of Maniraptorzoic or…
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dude dryadissector was just another varanoid, ableit a weirdly toothed one....
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How do you know that ;)
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The Dragon missing link
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OMG that's an actual creature!!!!!!
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I like to blur lines ;)
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Unique take. It also must be said this thing has one the best genus names (at least, meanings) ever.
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Indeed, I love that name too :nod:
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Is this a real animal that you have interpreted as a potential ancestor for your own project's dragons?
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I wouldn't say ancestor but stem-dragon but the rest... Yes =D
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Real Life will doch immer crossovern! :P

Hatte das Institut für vermeintlich fiktive Biologie doch was durchsickern lassen! ;)
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Nun ja, solche Spekulationen sind halt ein fruchtbarar Nährboden für das Denken der nächsten Generation ;)
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Oh, yeah, righto there. Absolutely.
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Great work, love your design!
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