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Dragon fire

To make once and for all clear what dragon fire is and to have one more illustration for my book project I present you here a cross section through the lower jaw of an Aviiguna atrox. Dragons produce a very strong zytotoxine which can cause extreme pain, fever and paralysis. With skin contact burn blister like symptoms are possible and it feels like fire which flow throw your venes. Smaller prey often liquefy completely in the inner, bigger just partly.
To protect themselves dragons are capable to spit their venom over several meters, the glands are surrounded by two circular muscles, Musculus exprimos gula minor and M. e. g. major. When they contract both they pump the venom rapidly in the venom canals and spray it onto the enemy. Dragons have always two pairs of venom teeth. Because they lose regular teeth, like all reptiles, often only two are active. Thanks to two other small circular muscles at the channels dragons are able to regulate the venom flow throw the teeth.
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Would you mind if I drew a picture of one of your dragons (perhaps Eurovenator) spitting dragon "fire"? I would link back to your dragon gallery and give you credit for creating both the "fire" and the dragon.