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With 5 meters is the Diratherium the biggest Diplopterna from Africa and reached even the size of the famous Hamignathus from North america.
This species exist from the late Oligocene to the late miozene, they went extinct when the first bigger Monopterna appeared. The best fossils are known from the Rusinga Island (Kenya).


Edit: I must say that the thumbnail looks actually more realistic than the real digital file... maybe I should make it smaller...

Edit II: For people which are new to my work and confused group administrators: this is a prehistoric dragon.
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I know "therium" means "beast"; but what does "Dira" mean?
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Ooh, wow~! Thanks! :D
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So realistic. I Would expect these kind of look from an aero moniter lizard.
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First, what was the habitat of Diratherium?
Second, what was it's full body shape?
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Diratherium lived at open woodlands, it's body was not much different to other Diplopterna and dragons in general.
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Love the textures! Only crit is that the highlights and shadows are a little lost making the overall shape a little flat. Still very scaley ^^
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Oh wow.
Damn this looks good.
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Erinnert mich fern an den Nilwaran! :la:
Aber wie dem auch sei..Wunderschöne Zeichnung :aww:
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Tja, die Verwandtschaft lässt sich nicht verleugen :aww:
wolffuchs's avatar
Eine Geniale Verwandschaft! :)
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ah, endlich ma wieder ein drache :D
Und was für einer, wirklich sehr schö geworde, derkops erinnert mich sehr an dilophosaurus mitdiesen geschwungenen kieferlinien :)
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Ja, der Dilophosaurus stand teilweise auch Pate für die abgeleiteten Diplopterna, außerdem Spinosaurier, große Warane und Schlangen =D
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Wonderful natural coloration and great linework.
Now I've always wondered how your style worked. Do you work with graphite/pencils for lineart, and then color digitally?
Or is there another way you work your magic?
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Thank you =)
I use mainly pencils for the lineart (HB,B,2B,H,F)and in this case watercolor and a bit white acryl paint. But you are right, I use often Photoshop to color my drawings, this bigger aquarells are relatively new.
BrooksLeibee's avatar
Wonderful! Ive tried to use that style, but could never figure out how to get the lineart layer transparent in the right places.
Ive only just recently figured it out from a class at my school.
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Indeed, it need long time to master watercolr :nod:
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