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The Lophoraptoridae are a family of dragons which can be found only in south america. Before the continent connected with north america, they are the dominant predators, but Smilodon was not the only emigrant from the north. Species like Uxuldraco [link] crossed Panama and conquer the new habitats. After that event, some of the Lophoraptors extinct. Only the smaller, lighter breeds survive the ice ages.
When the human race reach the continet, some of the emigrant species are extinct too.

Daulophoraptor is the only species that dosen't live in the Andes. They hunting snakes, Maras and big birds.
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What exactly means the red point in the south america's map?
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A terror birds worest nightmare!
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Machst du eigentlich andere Drachen als nur Wyvernaria ?
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Außerhalb des Fan-art Bereiches, nein. Der hexapodale Körperbau macht einfach keinen Sinn, und da es sich bei den Draconiformes um
eine monophyletische Gruppe handelt sind zwei, stark unterschiedliche, Baupläne sehr unwahrscheinlich.
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Ok. Wyverne sind sowieso epischer ^^
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this is such a great species concept and design!!!
I hope that you don't mind me asking but I wanted to see weather it would be possible for me to draw a few of your amazing creatures but with alterations in the colours and patterns? as I need some practice with realistic pattern design, detail, poses and the drawing of feasible fantasy creatures and I really love your designs. I would of course give you full credit for the species idea and design and link back to your art in the description if you allow me too :) but no hard feelings if you don't want me to, I can admire your designs without drawing them as well :)
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Oh, of course, that would be welcome, send me a link when it's i(or mention me, than it appears in the Mention section)
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thank you so much :D !!! I will do so when I finish my current projects :) or sooner if I can :)
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May i do my version of this interesting dragon?
Full credit will be given.

thank you!
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They hunt Jackalopes too
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Just to ask not that it's bad if they don't, are any of these dragon species able to breathe fire at all?
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The fire is a part of the myth, no dragon have ever breathe it. But the venom of many dragons caused wounds have similarity with burn wounds.
After a few years the story of a beast that make burn wounds, turn into a story of a beast that breath fire.
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I really like it when people show dragons from a more scientific point of view.
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Of course, these are different species of Wyrm, which are dragons similar to a Wyvern, which is the largest of all dragon species. Trust me, I'm a dragonologist.
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These dragons are awesome. I like how grounded in reality they are they seem very well thought out and actually plausible as flying creatures. I really like how small they are in scale its just refreshing to see a dragon thats not armed to the teeth and gigantic.
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Thanks a lot, thats totaly the effect that I want =)
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This one lives near my home!!!! I'm loving your dragon series!
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So... What's the general background to your dragon series?
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Just white and a map...or you mean the background story.
Ok, the background story is connected with the story of my Part time humans project. A young Neoraptor discover his powers and shall teached about the secret world next to our world. He learned much about, controll, fighting, surviving but also about the other creatures and civilisations exist in the underground. The dragons are a component of the biology-lessons.
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