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The north american neighbor of Cryopterus. If you speak a bit ancient greek (implausible, I do not even speak) you know what he mainly feed in the summer.
During the warmer month they come togther at some rivers and hunt. When the salmons are gone they eat, deers, reindeers, rabbits and sometimes a young elk. In the winter they sleep the most time. Because they can't fly with a fat layer, they bury most of the prey in the frozen ground for later.
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Would you say that over time perhaps this animal would lose its ability of flight in favor of more muscular, stronger forearms that could perhaps let it dash about at phenomenal speed?
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The term clever girl comes to mind with this one!
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Ice Bull
now, that's a pretty epic name
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salmovenator - Salmon Hunter  :) (Smile)  

It's lifestyle (diet) reminds me of bears, they go fishing for salmon and eat a variety of other mammals, like the ones mentioned above. And then hibernation in the winter. 
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So I have a question...

Why does this animal have such a limited range? I mean, assuming that we still have deer, rabbits, reindeer, and salmon in this alternate universe, the range of its prey base extends a lot further east and south as well. Even if we are to assume that a large flyer like this requires open country to feed in, which is a plausible assumption to be sure, there is a lot of open country extending down into the Great Planes, the Columbia Plateau, the Central Valley of California, and the Great Basin as well that would provide suitable habitat for such an animal. I could see it feeding on salmon during the salmon run where its range allows, but reindeer (we call them caribou here, lol) are found across Canada and extending into the northernmost United States, and there are a wide variety of deer on which they could be feeding as well as pronghorns, which often form large herds. Today, on the planes of Texas, Northern Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma, one can find a number of other introduced ungulates grazing as well - specifically a very large herd of Nilgai, some 35,000+ strong that is free ranging between Mexico and Texas.

Given the fact that wolves and bears have been able to range from Europe to Mexico without a proper speciation event (instead being divided into subspecies where you go), I think it's likely that Cryotaurus would probably hunt at least from Alaska to the Great Planes, if not even further into Siberia and across Central Asia as well.
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Are these feathers on the dragon?
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This Draco-fuzz consists on modified, hollow scales. Some snakes posses similar scales or small parts of their body (can't remember the species)
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Oh awesome, so I guess they are warm blooded too? :D
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What amount of charging do they do? Why Ice Bull? (Just curious, not criticizing. I am genuinely curious and fascinated.)
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Ice bull because they live in much cooler climate than most dragons and becasue of the horn-like elongated jugal bones =)
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I don't see any... Ahh! Now I see them. Very nice.
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Realy cool, love his fluffy look!
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wow ich mag den hier definitiv am meisten. Ein im wahrsten sinne des wortes "Cooler"name, "Gefrorener stier". Tolles bild :D
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Danke, und dabei bin ich mit dem hier noch nicht mal ganz zufrieden, das geht besser ;)
mmmmm nice, but why it doesn't have the finger that is use to walk? sorry for my english, i'm learning
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No problem =D
It walk with just with it's ankles, the finger evolve back because in the cold climate of Alska, the body temperature fall down very fast with to many body surface
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I knew WTF but what is FTW (have problems with chat speach)
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