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In an bavarian lagoon, 150 mio years ago, a Cricosaurus suevicus female and it's Babys rest for a moment. It's not known if metriorhynchids were ovipar or already ovivivipar, so I don't show here the act of birth as I formally planed it (sorry for all All Yesterdays fans). I choose this marine crocodile as my first Jurassic Germany subject because these animals are underrated in paleoart and because they show some fascinating adaptation for their habitat. A hypocerk tail, flipper like limbs, sald Glands and no armor.

This is obviously not the original coloration but because the real color lost so much during scanning I colored it, more monochrome, again. The adult is normally dirty yellow with gray blue stripes on it's back.
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amazing work! this looks so good!
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Great art ! The monochrome colors only adds to the gloomy, primordial vibe of the image, I like it !
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schöner Zeichenstil!
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This is really beautiful, and I actually like the sepia colour of it. ^^ I hope you will do more metriorhynchids and extinct crocodiles, maybe an idea for a story as you did with the pterodactylus? :)
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Thank you  :bow:


My next piece of the Jurassic Germany series will be the Machimosaurus =)

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Gorgosaurus....what is your opinion about this Picture????…
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Beside the feet of the Gorgosaurus it's very nice =)
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Very very nice! Metriorhynchids really don't get the artistic attention they should. They're always overshadowed by mosasaurs and pliosaurs. Dakosaurus could certainly use some love too! Again, very beautiful Cricosaurus :)
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Thank you =)

Dacosaurus or Geosaurus gigantea will maybe get some love from me too ;)

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Neat details, love it.
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So much love for this one ^-^
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Amazing creature once more. :bow:
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I LOVE THIS! would make an awesome sculpture piece!
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Thank you very much :lol:
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You need to offer this for sale as a print, so I can buy one....
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