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Corytholurus africanus

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Finally found some time for myself :3 What you see here is what I have done with this time.

Corytholurus will be known to some of you, fortunately I got so much more information during the last years so that i can tell you a little bit more about this animal now.
A little bit cladistics: Corytholurus is a serpetipoda, belonging to a monophyletic group that includes the major groups Insuladraconidae, Confuciosauridae and Lophoraptoridae. They all can be distinguished from any Aquilapoda by having often small, backward facing haluxes. 
For the longest time Corytholurus was placed near confuciosaurids (for example because of the single wing claw), however a new phylogenetic and genetic study (Bonnet 2015) confirmed that this taxon is actually closer to modern lophoraptorids.

Originally there where two species, the African one C. africanus, and the Arabian C. perplexabilis. The Abrabian species was however brought to extinction thanks to the Dragonslayer order, the last specimens were hunted down in 1632 to 1634. Subfossil remains and preserved texts from that time show that the Arabian species was a little larger, had proportionally longer wings and had apparently zebra like markings on tail and legs. It also seems like this species lived in more arid habitats. 
Today two populations are still remaining. They are often viewed as two separate subspecies, the northern one C. a. major, and the southern one C. a. montuosus.

Corytholurus is mostly a insectivore, as the dentition already implies. Its long slender teeth are perfect to grab little prey items, but it mostly uses its sticky tongue to feed on tons of ants and termites. Besides that, they like scorpions, spiders, crickets, grasshoppers, beetles and even bees and hornets. According to some witnesses they even catch a fish from time to time. The southern subspecies has a little shorter snout and relies more on non-eusocial insects. The wings are robust and well build for quick turns, but they are no long distance flyers. In the original description of this species I gave it pretty large wing claws to open up termite mounts. How it turned out this was a wrong interpretation from my side, instead the halux is actually pretty big in this species and serves as a tool to open the mounts. However Corytholurus is also a good quadruped, especially the southern subspecies uses this ability a lot in their mountainous habitat. 
As a origin of the Amphisbaena myth this animal is maybe best known for it's tail tip that mimics it's head. However it is not known if this feature is actually used to distract enemies, some experts today think that it is just a display structure that on accident looks somewhat like the head on the creature. Especially males during the mating season (middle of dry season) don't really look like they have a second head. The enormous expansions of their sinuses inside the anterior portion of their necks begins to color more red. By pumping air into these structures the males are able to inflate them, something that seems to make them attractive. Females have similar structures but they are rather small, and don't change color.

Learn more about the nesting ecology of this species here (only a little bit outdated, and this only can be used for C. a. major, C. a. montuosus is very little known in that regard)…

My first take on this species:…

Dragon phylogeny:…

P.s. A unique feature of this species is the extremely short nasal bone, which is squeezed between the elongated medial mandibular process and the premaxilla. 
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Whats the common name?
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Magnifying Glass Good job on drawing the air sacs around the corytholurus's head.
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Sieht sehr interessant aus!
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For a moment I thought this was serious
Still a beautiful pictional artwork
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They're back, yeah i love remakes.
But I prefer the quadruped one
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Oh my god, I love it!! Glad to see you're making dragons again :)
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Really cool design here, you know a thing or two about anatomy! :wow:
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Yeeeeeeeees,more dragons :)
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"The southern subspecies has a little shorter snout and relies more on non-." It looks like the sentence got truncated here.
"Especially males during the mating season (middle of dry season) don't really look like they have a second tail." You probably mean head rather than tail.
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Thanks for noticing! The first one is a loose end I forgot to fill :P
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Great to see the dragons back again! Your dragons have always been among my favourites, on DA or otherwise
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I missed your dragons pal!
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Welcome dude! You will make more?
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It's awesome to see more spec evo from you! I've missed these sorts of things.
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Don't mention it.
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Nice, been a while :3
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