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Ceratomyrmex - the unicorn ant

In hindsight I don't know why if I like the bluring...

Ceratomyrmex ellenbergi is a new and fascinating ant species from amber found in Myanmar. Fossil ants are rare and this new one is among the weirdest genera I have ever seen. 

Long legs, strangely elongated, trap-like jaws and a possible sensory area sitting far above the head. The anatomy is similar to some still living genera which are known to hunt big game by themselves and not with the help of a colony.…
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*nom nom nom* oh it's a new species? *spits out the crunched remains*
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OMG its a praying antus
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That's a pretty interesting looking ant.
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really fun piece, the blurring is very effective! the use of nature photography conventions is cool, really suggests the "reality" of the extinct creature
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Oh lol, very nice drawing - it looked like a photo in the thumbnail.  Such an odd looking face he has.  
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Indeed =D 

Thank you :bow:
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Amazing artwork here, it looks almost like a photo, in truth I thought it WAS a photo of real species when I looked at the thumbnail!
Wonderful reconstruction of another bizzare real animal :iconclapplz:

thank you for sharing such info again, I remember I came across the article, but haven't got time to look for any good images to make me remember about this ant species, now thanks to you I can "save" in my memory an image of it! :D
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At first I thought this was an Eurwentala piece! Must be all those beautiful vibrant greens. XD
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Well that's quite an honor. Being mistaked for Hyrotrioskjan, I mean. :D
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Haha, the honor is on my side as well ^^

It must be the intense use of green ;) 
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Wow, very nice drawing!:D (Big Grin) 
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You're very welcome!
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