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Basic phylogeny of dragons

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A quick graphic illustrating the evolution of dragons in a way you might find it in a school book, of course oversimplified and rough.

The first years of the draconiformes are still somewhat mysterious as well as the phylogenetic relationships of the Varanoidea overall.
Shown here are, from top to bottom: snakes, gila monsters, sea serpents, mosasaurs, dolichosaurs, earless monitors, Appotomerus, monitor lizards, dragons. In addition you see there a Ovoo gurval, probably the oldest varanid, and Kaganaias, a small, very basal varanoid from Japan.
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CartoonBenStudent Digital Artist
Magnifying Glass Very nice. I like it when people come up with their own evolutionary or biological trees of life for mythical creatures such as dragons.
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I have been out of DeviantArt for a while so now I feel a bit confused... weren't your dragons related to dinosaurs? I think I remember you saying something on the lines of being related to Yi Qi... Did you rewrite the phylogeny or I'm remembering thing really badly?
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HyrotrioskjanProfessional General Artist
Nope, never said that, I established very early on that they are varanoids:  Unfinished Cladogram by Hyrotrioskjan
Friggo-Glicker's avatar
awesome. I must be remembering things bad or probably mixing with some other similar project... thanks for clarifying it for me.
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so uhh quick question, are sea serpents descended from mosasaurs or are they just related. I forgot which
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HyrotrioskjanProfessional General Artist
Just related 
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JoseRobertoRNHobbyist Traditional Artist
Buen trabajo Hyrotrioskjan =)
Tu taxonomía es bastante clara.
Ta solo yo creo que tal vez sería más presiso si intercambiaras de lugar al Appotomerus con el lagarto monitor (no creo que haya congruencia si los lagartos monitor haya tenido un ancestro alado; más bien podría ser al revés).
Ante cualquier explicación estoy atento. =)
Good work Hyrotrioskjan =)
Your taxonomy is quite clear.
I just think that maybe it would be more difficult if you traded Appotomerus with the monitor lizard (I do not think there is congruence if the monitor lizards had a winged ancestor, but it could be the other way around).
I am attentive to any explanation. =)
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VG5006Student Digital Artist
Awesome. Now I can make sense of all your dragons. Very cool
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TaliesaurusHobbyist Digital Artist
the sea dragons look exactly like mosasaurs......
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OviraptorFanStudent General Artist
i think the "sea dragons" are instead in thes ame family as the now extinct mosasaurs
Taliesaurus's avatar
TaliesaurusHobbyist Digital Artist
i agree
TheLOAD's avatar
Not exactly like them. Mosasaurs have fluked tails, the sea serpents don't.
Taliesaurus's avatar
TaliesaurusHobbyist Digital Artist
but apart from that?
TheLOAD's avatar
I'm sure there are other anatomical differences, and the fluke isn't a minor one. It's an important structure found in Mosasaurs, and I'm sure it affects how the two creatures swim.
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TaliesaurusHobbyist Digital Artist
well, they did find that the closest living relatives to mosasaurs are snakes and monitor lizards
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I know, but they did still have the flukes, while the sea serpents don't.
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megabass22Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The sea serpents also appear to be more slender and have longer necks. Of course, the sea serpents of this project are mosasaur descendants.
Taliesaurus's avatar
TaliesaurusHobbyist Digital Artist
that makes a lot more sense
SpeculaTimsauru5's avatar
SpeculaTimsauru5Hobbyist General Artist
I agree
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JonaGold2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice phylogeny
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HUBLERDONHobbyist General Artist
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TheScipioHobbyist Traditional Artist
So how large is the largest dragon? How big can a volant animal even get before it gets too big to fly?
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