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Before the next All Yesterdays picture arrive I want to introduce you Appotomerus appalachia one of the oldest dragons which are known, the fossil was found in 2003 near Huntsville (Alabama) and was a surprise in two ways.
Firstly the animal is surprisingly big (nearly 1,5 meter at this subadult specimen) and much better suited for hunting warmblooded prey than Auroradraco (perviously known as Chiropterimimus). Paleodraconologist Li Chan even assumed that the animal could had hunt the small hadrosaur Claosaurus.
The second surprise was that the animal represent a new branch in the tree of dragons: the Allochiroptera. Some even suggest that these animals are paraphyletic to the Brevichiroptera or that dragons are much older than previously thought.
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Hey, found in my home state!
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Be sure to check my gallery for fanart soon! ;)
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Interesting very interesting!
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Is this real?......tell me this is real.....
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Unfortunately no, unless fossil evidence comes to light at some point, which considering how many cultures feature dragons in their myths and legends should occur, because it's the only way to explain how such an idea could have spread as quickly without them existing.
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Wann wurde Chiropterimimus in Auroradraco umbenannt? Und wie ist der Artname von Auroradraco? Hab ich was verpasst?
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Der alte Artname bleibt bestehen. Ich hab den Gattungsnamen geändert weil der vorherige doch etwas zu sperrig war. 
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man this would be intresting if some Lizards can evolve wings like this :P
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It is possible, that's what count for me =)
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Found not far from where I live haha.
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Awesome man! You mind if, maybe later this year, I could show/use your design and make a stopmotion video on these guys?
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It would be a honor =)
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Huntsville Alabama? Cool, I did an internship near there.
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cladographic boner
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