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Another sneaky plesiosaur



John Conways camouflaged plesiosaur is one of the highlights of All Yesterdays and I want my own version of it since I saw it.
I choose Umoonasaurus, a leptocleidid which was endemic to australia, thanks to a very informative article on Tet-zoo: [link] I reconstructed it in an freshwater habitat. I imgine this creatures migrate into the lakes and rivers to feet and give birth and return to their marine winter quarters when the temperature decrease.
Beside the camouflage style of the skin the animal have a worm-like extension of the tounge to attract prey, in this case it's Koolasuchus baby which you maybe already know from my spinosaur series: [link] where it's also the prey of an young australian spinosaur.
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I love your technique, what kind of traditional art you use?