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Afrorex hirsutocaude



Several months ago I wrote already a bit about this species, the african king with the thorny tail, who may killed the Taung child.
A few weeks ago I get a mail of Peter Dart who shows me some photos of newer, still unpublished fossils from Southafrica which will become a neotype of the genus.
Thanks to his very informatic graphics and texts I was able fo, finally, reconstruct the animal for the description.
Afrorex was between 4 and 5 meters long and was maybe the ancestor of Eurovenator and Dsangisaurus from europe. beside the fossil iteself Dart and his collegous also descripe two already known skulls of adult Paranthropus which shows the same marks like the child of Taung.
That's the reason why I reconstruct the dragon here with an Australopithecus as prey.
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Now that I look at it it reminds me quite of movie version of Smaug.:)